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Valentine's Day for Menopausal Woman

Posted Feb 10 2014 12:23pm 1 Comment

Valentine's Day is one of the most wonderful opportunities for women who are in the process of, or have completed the menopausal phase. Some women find this to be a challenging transitional time, while others are happy to be free of monthly menstrual cycles and the concern of pregnancy. This is the perfect time for partners to boost the spirits of women who are struggling, and also for women to enjoy the intimacy of this lover's holiday


Countering negative feelings

Women who are having difficulty coping with the fact that they can no longer bear children could use a pick me up. Receiving love notes, flowers and attention from a husband, wife, or other love interest can help to boost self-esteem, and make her feel special. These affirmations are important during menopause because there are so many changes taking place. Hot flashes, pain during sex, weight gain and moodiness are just a few of the symptoms that some women experience to varying degrees.


Giving and receiving

Menopause is not a reason that the celebration of Valentine's Day need be any less special than it has in the past. The showing of love and care is something that all humans crave, however; menopause makes it just that much more important. When a woman feels that she is still desirable to her partner, the world is a much brighter place. Showing love helps to raise the level of endorphins in the system of the body. Being able to share intimacy is an important part of the human experience.


The significance of holidays

Holidays such as Valentine's Day are social constructs which hold psychological attachments for many, especially the feminine gender. Due to social conditioning, there are certain expectations that revolve around this specific holiday including being acknowledged, and sharing romantic and intimate exchanges between couples. Women who are struggling with the transition of menopause may find a renewed self-confidence and reassurance of their femininity and value through the traditional exchanges that occur at this time. A box of chocolates, Valentine's Day card, flowers, dinner, or any special or romantic overture by her partner that confirms her as being important throughout life, but especially during and after menopause.


It's important for family members, especially significant others to remember that menopause can be a challenging stage of life for many women. This holiday provides an opportunity to help women to move forward despite the changes, and to realize that although the changes are certain, they need not have a negative impact upon romance and intimacy. Celebrating the holiday that is set aside for lovers may well be one of the most important dates to remember and make special.



Valentine's Day for menopausal women can become something that is either looked forward to, or dreaded, depending upon her attitudes towards menopause, and the responses of those around her. When viewed as a negative life change, menopause may bring about depression, sexual issues, lack of desire and other emotional and physical discomforts. She may question her value and femininity at this time. Loving support from that special person in her life may help turn the tide in a more favorable direction.


Women who cope well with the change of life may view this as a form of liberation from monthly menstrual cycles and the risk of pregnancy. This is a time in which sex can become more exciting and enjoyable than previous times when child rearing and other responsibilities were the main focus. Valentine's Day is an important holiday for women, especially during and after menopause, and it is a time when couples at this stage can enjoy one another fully, and celebrate the holiday intended for lovers.

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I appreciate that menopause is a challenging stage in our life and every women in the world have to deal with it. Your article is a solution to all menopausal issues that women faces in the time of menopause.

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