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Posted by pats

<a href=" http://">vagifem</a> is a medication used to relieve <a href=" http://">vagifem</a>, itching, and burning in postmenopausal women. This prescription medication works by replacing the estrogen that the ovaries no longer produce. Prior to beginning treatment, talk to your healthcare provider about other medical conditions you have and other medications you are taking. Side effects of Vagifem can include headaches, back pain, and vaginal yeast infections. Vagifem is a modified release pessary used to treat discomfort of the vagina. This is caused by a drop in the level of a hormone called oestrogen. Women have a decreased level of this hormone after menopause. Oestradiol which is in Vagifem is a natural type of oestrogen.  

I was suffering with this problem since 3 yrs. It had overtook me mentally, physically and financially. I did not  leave a single treatment for this disease.My Physical and financial condition was ruined very badly then one day i was reading about  this problem den i saw web site called http://

They are selling this product at very low price as compare to other online pharmacy.


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