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Up Is A Downer for Hard of Hearing and Deaf People

Posted Mar 16 2010 1:41am

Up movie

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Most of you deafies out there already know that Disney pulled a fast one on us when they limited their captioned and subtitled copies of Up to retail only last fall. Many of you blogged about it several months ago. Probably most of you have sent your letters of complaint, and you’ve moved on by now.

I was counting on that. I wrongly thought that it was most likely an oversight on Disney’s part. Disney wouldn’t purposely leave deaf children out cold like that. . . Would they? ‘Up’ has been out on DVD for quite awhile. Now that it won an Oscar for Best Animated Film, surely it would be available to rent with subtitles by now?

When I saw it at Blockbuster last Thursday night, immediately I checked the back of the box for the SDH initials surrounded by that little old retro-looking TV logo. (SDH stands for Subtitled for the Deaf and Hard of hearing) And there it was!! I couldn’t wait to watch!

But it was not to be. Blockbuster is still carrying the rental DVD’s without subtitles, even though the boxes advertise subtitling. Surely Disney is breaking the law by putting non-subtitled DVD’s in boxes that say they’re subtitled?  The guy at Blockbuster wasn’t even aware there was a problem.

I can’t help feeling like a second-class citizen when things like this happen.  I have been wondering if any of you out there who wrote about this before– did any of you ever get an answer as to why Disney did this? Is it legal? What’s up with Disney? Are they D/deaf haters?

Blockbuster was happy to give a full refund for the DVD rental. We watched Julie and Julia that night instead.   But I’m still upset about Up.

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