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This & That on a Saturday Morning

Posted Nov 14 2009 10:01pm

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Saturday mornings have turned into a good time of blogging for me.  For reasons I cannot fully explain, I always find that I have something I want to say and write about.  Perhaps it is because I am not in work week mode when I wake up on Saturday.

I home school one of my teens and we are in the middle of a math blitz to propel her forward and prepare her for bigger and better things next school year.  So, we are pedal to the metal as they say and nose to the grindstone.  That does tend to put a lot on my plate every day and when I wake up Monday through Friday, blogging is not something I’m usually thinking of.

As most writers will attest though, there are times when I feel inspired and compelled to say something on a particular topic.   When I do, I say it and put it out there, because if I don’t two things can happen:  I will burst from it and I will likely forget all the clever ways to say it :)

So, I’m still fishing, but wanted to mention that I plan to post the book review that I promised last month on Female Brain Gone Insane by Mia Lundin.  Ms. Lundin kindly sent me a copy of her book with a request that I review it at my blog.  I told her that I would, but as I’ve mentioned, life has been pressing on me in a big way recently and I just haven’t gotten around to it. But, I want to keep my word and so the review will be up very soon.

A couple of readers have emailed me to tell me they bought the book and have really found it helpful.  I am hoping to give you some more specific information on it when I review it and perhaps it can be helpful to more of you as well.

I also want to say that the review will be the last post I do on perimenopause at The Magnolia Diaries.  I began my blog The Perimenopause Blog to focus on perimenopause because the traffic to this blog on the subject has been huge.  In fact, I would say 99% of traffic to The Magnolia Diaries as been perimenopause related in some form or fashion.

It is a big topic that continues to drive many women (and men) to the Internet looking for answers and help.  I plan to continue to provide that, just not here.

I began The Magnolia Dairies when I turned fifty because, well, turning fifty was just a wee bit of a milestone. :)   Life began to look decidedly different to me at fifty and true to my garrulous and verbose nature, I wanted to talk about it.  Instead of standing in the public square on the proverbial soap box, I decided to stand on the modern soap box as it were and blog.  Hence, The Magnolia Diaries was born.

Perimenopause has been a huge part of my life transition and so it was natural that I would talk about it.  So, I did.  And it has brought a huge readership to my blog as a result.  I do not wish to abandon those readers so I will begin in earnest to redirect everyone to The Perimenopause Blog in the future.

I will leave the posts on the subject I have already done here at The Magnolia Diaries in place.  But, my focus will become less perimenopause stuff and more mid-life, women’s issues, health & personal interest I think.  And if and when I ever reach full menopause, boy, will there be a sounding of the horn around here!!

You can look for the book review the first part of next week.  If I get particularly industrious this weekend it will be first thing Monday.  But, to give myself a little leeway, I’ll say by Wednesday for sure.

Until then, I’m still fishing. :)

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