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The Signs of Miscarraige

Posted Jul 21 2009 10:03pm
When you are trying to start or add to your family, you may or may not have a hard time conceiving. For some, this is the easy part. There are times when women have miscarriages of which they are not aware. Others know that they are having a miscarriage and it can be very hard for them to deal with it. If you know the signs of miscarriage, you can tell when you are having one, and then you know what you can do about it. You can not save that pregnancy, obviously, but it may help you keep a good one in the future.

What every woman should know before she starts thinking about the signs of miscarriage is that there is often a good reason why a miscarriage is going to happen. These are the ones that are natural and are actually for the best. At times, the body produces or rather releases a substandard egg. That egg may get fertilized, but it is not viable. That means you would have huge problems if that baby were to be born - if it made it that far. The body will have a miscarriage because of the bad egg. This does not mean there is anything wrong with the woman as it happens quite often. It’s a part of nature.

The signs of miscarriage in this case may not be important. When this type of miscarriage happens, it happens very quickly. In fact, the woman in question may not have had any idea that she was pregnant, and the miscarriage would seem like a normal period. If for some reasons she had tested and knew she was pregnant, the most obvious of the signs of miscarriage in this case would be spotting that starts near when the period would have been due or up to a week or two later. After that time, something else may be the issue.

Some miscarry a bit later on for reasons that can be avoided. The problem is that it may take a few of these miscarriages for the person to know they have a problem. One common thing could be that a woman has low progesterone levels. If that happens, the body has a hard time keeping the pregnancy intact and a miscarriage will happen. There are remedies, and if you have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) you should be aware that this is a possibility. Talk with your doctor about what you can do for this.

The signs of miscarriage can be hard to spot. Spotting is the most obvious, though not all spotting means a miscarriage. When the flow turns heavy, this usually means a miscarriage is in progress. Before that spotting begins, there are some signs of miscarriage that can be mistaken for signs of pregnancy, but are going to be more severe. A very dull but pronounced ache in the lower back and rather hard cramping are two of the most common. Some also find that their signs of pregnancy go away without warning.
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