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The Perimenopausal Wife and How to Live With Her

Posted Dec 14 2009 8:24am

Well, goodness knows that I’ve said much on this subject already.  It has been those posts that continue to draw more readers to my blog – particularly men who are, well, looking for answers on how to live with their perimenopausal wife.

While I’ve been away from regular blogging and frankly, dealing with my own perimenopause (good grief the night sweats are horrendous these days) and fighting off  hormonally induced depression, I’ve given a bit of thought to this post.  The only answer I can come up with is:

“How many times can I say the same thing?”

Because, you see, gentleman, I’ve talked about it already.  A lot.  So, rather than rag on and on about something I’ve pretty much discussed to death, I thought I would simply link you to previous posts that I’ve done and you can peruse them at your leisure.

There are plenty of other things I wish to blog about these days, not the least of which are the many other symptoms that women have to deal with in perimenopause such as:

  • vertigo
  • heart palpitations (I swore I was having a bono-fide heart attack)
  • depression (the worst if you ask me)
  • anxiety
  • fatigue and exhaustion and of course, let’s not forget
  • loss of libido

So, help yourself to these posts and as always please feel free to leave comments.  You can also contact me  privately, via email, if you have any questions that you would rather not discuss in the wild, wild west of the blogosphere!


I also wanted to mention that I just received a new book that I’ve been asked to review (good thing I like to read ) and will be getting around to it sooner rather than later.  It is entitled, Stay Young & Sexy with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, by Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD and Lane Lenard, PhD.  The book has a forward by Suzanne Somers and will be released in February 2010; however, you can pre-order at their website here if you don’t want to wait and feel so inclined.

Till then!

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