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Stop Drinking Alcohol

Posted May 26 2009 10:06pm
Whatever people tell you, alcohol is one of the most addictive drugs ever invented, and possibly the most dangerous. Alcohol abuse has been a problem for practically as long as alcohol has been around, and it is a worse problem than with any other drug.

Many people struggle in vain for years to stop drinking alcohol, even as the drug destroys their bodies and minds. Drinking rehab is much more popular than any other sort of drug rehab program, and it will only keep growing.

In my particular case, my problem drinking was related to drug control. Originally, I used to smoke pot, but it was much easier to get wasted on alcohol.

I don't blame the drug policy for my alcohol addiction, but I do see it as a contributing factor. If alcohol is the only way you can get legally, than people who are prone to alcoholism are much more likely to get addicted to it instead of using safer alternatives.

There is more to it than that, however. Otherwise, I could have managed to stop drinking alcohol much sooner. In some ways, I'm a pretty straight edge, repressed sort of guy. I have to have my emotions tightly under control at all times, and I think the stress of this attitude contributed to my drinking problems. I would be a different person when I was drunk – uninhibited, reckless, and free.

It gave me an excuse to live out fantasies that I had always had – the ones I couldn't usually admit to myself. Suddenly, I was a daring, fun and carefree guy. The drinks I had took me away from the worries of daily problems. Once I started, I never wanted to stop drinking alcohol.

My friends never did an invention for me. In my case, I realized that I had a problem on my own, but I refused to enroll in 12 step program. I didn't think that I would need help to stop drinking alcohol. I figured that I could do it all on my own through my own willpower. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. There are very few alcoholics who can stop drinking alcohol through sheer force of will alone. When alcoholics quit, it is usually because they have found the right friends to give them the right help.

The 12 step rehabilitation program I went through is actually pretty new one. I'm an atheist, and I didn't like how most alcohol abuse recovery programs rely and faith in God to get you through it. I was sure that I could stop drinking alcohol through a combination of willpower and a community that supported my decision to stay clean and sober.

It turns out that I was right. Whatever your beliefs are, you can find a way to overcome addiction if that is what you want. It just takes an iron will and some good friends.
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