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Spotting and Spotting?

Posted by JLWH


I"m a newbie to this forum but, not a newbie to the effects of perimenopause and it's headache questions and fears. 

I'm 52 years old, about to turn 53 in July of this year.  I've been going through the past few years with major changes in my menstrual cycles as most in here are.  I went through the "floods" where I thought I was going to die and wondering if I should be hitting the E.R., then, all of that seemed to tone down and I went to days of a very light flow to just spotting for several days (5 to 7), then would miss months and back to same.  Between February 2007 and 2008, I had only an occassional day here and there with just one or two spots and nothing in between.  I figured I was done.  Yippeee.  But, not so. 

In February 2008, I awoke to a full fledged period again.  Panicked, I called my doctor who said to wait this period out, asked about my hot flushes (which mysteriously had disappeared just prior to this period and I hadn't had any for a few weeks .....they had been constant up until this point).  She said that she felt it was one last hurrah with the ovaries and to come see her when it was done...which I did.  I had an abdominal and trans vaginal ultrasound done which showed the uterine lining at 11 mm's 6 weeks after that period was done.   I got another period (closer to more normal periods I used to have prior to the oddball floods) in July of 2008, then another in December of 2008.  Then, nothing again until April of this year where I've had on and off very light spotting (one or two spots per day, usually only after toilet usage...not requiring really even a panty liner).  This has continued on since the first week in April with days of nothing, then several days of once or twice per day...sometimes, red, sometimes brown.  (It's now nearly July!!) 

I had another ab and transvaginal ultrasound done as well as my annual PAP, mammogram, bloodwork etc.. done in May with the ultrasound done in late May (takes time to get them booked and done).  The results came back with a uterine lining thickness of 16 mm's.  I know this can be rather thick but, my doctor said she wasn't overly concerned at this stage of things.  I've been referred to a gynecologist but, can't be seen until July 20th.  The spotting continues lightly on and off as it has since early April. 

I'm assuming that I will have a uterine biopsy done July 20th and am scared. 

I should mention, I guess that I'm also being monitored for thyroid nodules (had 2 biopsies already...thus far, benign) on a multinodular goiter.  I am overweight (I know...a risk factor for uterine cancer and a cause of an excess of estrogen).  I go faithfully, every year for my PAPs, (all normal) have had 4 ab/trans vaginal ultrasounds done and been watched by my family physician over these past years.  I do get PMS symptoms, the hot flushes have nearly disappeared for now where I was plagued with them and really annoyed by them.  A plus in all of this?  Probably, at least symptomatically for me anyways as they'd keep me awake at night.  I do have a prolapsed uterus (have had for 15 years or more now) which may or may not have a bearing on what is going on??? 

Could or would anyone share with me their own experiences with this type of thing or any knowledge that you have?  I'd just like to know that I'm not alone in this.  I'd also like to know if any of you have had a uterine biopsy done and what it feels like so that I'm not panicked unnecessarily. 

ANY info or personal stories would be much appreciated! So, thank you in advance and I'm glad to have found a forum where others can share with each other. 

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I just had that endometrial biopsy done today.  The Dr. said my Cervix was very tight.  I had had a fibroid tumor taken out of my uteruis about 10 yrs ago (size of a grapefruit).  So he asked me if I had my daughter vaginal or C-section in which I had her vaginal. 

I haven't had a period for over a year and started spotting about a month ago.  The Dr. said I was definitely menopausal and should be on hormones but needs to find out the results of this biopsy beforehand.

Since my cervix was so tight he said that's why I haven't bleed but I'm wondering if I should be concerned about anything else? 



Hello, JLWH; I'm 52 as well and experiencing the same things you are. I've had the blood work and the biospy done and all are normal. The one thing that you never mentioned  that my OBGYN has done is given me hormone replacement pills to regulate my periods. I'm not so sure that this is something that I want to do on a regular basis. This spotting is driving me crazy. Not to mention that my sex life is taking a beating because of it but, I do have a wonderful partner that understands.                                             Take Care, Kit

Hi Jamie,

What they've said so far doesn't sound super scary to me, so try and just enjoy the holidays.  Easier said than done, I know.  Still, it is much more likely that the polyps are not serious and that this is just perimenopausal changes than that it is a disease condition.

I know what you mean about looking for info on the net - it can be a blessing and a curse. It's hard to filter out the information to find what is useful and what is flotsam and jetsam.

I really appreciate your getting back to me, so many don't keep me updated and I so want to know how each person is doing.  So thanks.  (I hope this message does get to you - I couldn't get to the second page either and I'll let Wellsphere know about the problem.

Breathe deep, remember that you are perfectly safe and okay in this moment, worry won't help. (This is something I say to myself when I'm stressing about test results or the like. It helps.)

All my best,


Thank you Rhonda!  I truly appreciate all of the knowledge that I can get my hands on in order to make an informed decision as to what to do next or, not do.  I think that I'm just getting a little bit of "White Coat Phobia" now and trying to push off as much of further invasive interventions as is possible but, I think that you may be right and that in the knicking of that polyp, it may continue to bleed if it isn't taken care of.  I'm still debating.  I may take another day or two before I decide what I want to do about it all.  What's another couple of days at this point. :) 

Thank you so much for being here for me!  I only hope that our discussions here are helping others who are reading along and are in the same boat.  :) 

Hi Jamie,

I had a hysteroscopy so many years ago-15 yrs ago. It was diagnostic. I get cervical polyps-which can be seen on exam, and thats why they can be removed in the office. Endometrial polyps can only be removed during hysteroscopy-as they go into the uterus and see them. I have fibroids(different than uterine polyps) and fibroids shrink with menopause-polyps do not(my understanding. Polyps bleed-especially if she took only a part of one out.

I would guess that if she removes all the polyp(s) in the uterus-your spotting should stop.

With sedation in the OR-you should not fel anything. They dialate the cervix to get the scope in.

I had no sedation-so it did hurt-a bit more than a biopsy-but if I would have had endo polyps-they would have put me in the hospital to remove them.

Hope this helps-and I sympathize with you on how frustrating it is to keep dragging this out-but at least nothing really bad was found. Be well-Rhonda


Hi Rhonda:

Thank you for your support hurrahs! :)  It feels so wonderful to have people to talk about this with.  I'm pleased and relieved too now....well, sorta LOL.....another test and another possible procedure.  :(  She's not going to the hysteroscopy.  She's going to go the Sonohysterogram route and then, if needed, the O.R. for removal.  Not sure why though.  It would make more sense to do the Hysteroscopy route and hit two birds with one stone so to speak.  Between the two different steps, I could be looking at a few more months of waiting (both in bookings times as well as results) and that is TORTURE (mentally and emotionally). 

Any idea of whether polyps can regress on their own as estrogen declines?  Did your doc say?  I read that they often come on as estrogen dominance comes into play during perimenopause and shrink if estrogen levels are lowered.  (I am overweight by quite a bit and am likely holding estrogen).  And, can you fill me in on how uncomfortable the Hysteroscopy was for you?  My doc is saying hospital for polyp removal with either a general or sedation (my choice)...not an office procedure. 

I'm so confused and wish she had have taken 5 more minutes with me yesterday to explain but, it was really rushed.  My husband actually timed my time in there with her and said it was less than 7 minutes.  More like 5 or 6.  She may know what she's thinking and what this is all about...but, I don't! LOL 


Hi Jamie,

I am so happy to hear of all your good results. I bet yur spotting was all cause by endometrial polyps. Years ago, they thought I may have had them(reason for spotting) so they did a HYSTEROSCOPY. I had it done in a Dr. office. It goes through the cervix, and into the uterus and can view the inside, and actually take out any polyps that could be in. Chances are she did not get all the polyp out-and that is why you are still spotting.(more because she got pieces of it only)

But al least there is no cancer or pre-cancer-thats GREAT news, and your thryoid situation sounds better also.

So happy for you-Rhonda

Hi Lynette and Rhonda:

Just thought that I'd update you both. :)

I got the results of my biopsy today.  Nothing wrong pathology wise!!!  She said it was "good results". 

Apparently though, in doing the biopsy, she happened to have blindly cut through a polyp.  She said it was benign (there were only fragments of it in the specimen).  Now, she's wondering how much is left behind so, she's sending me for a Sonohysterogram to see what's left behind.  *SIGH*  She said that it MAY be the cause of the constant spotting as well as the appearance of the thickened endometrium.  (I have noticed an increase in the frequency of the spotting since she did the biopsy.)  I asked her what she would do if there was one or more of them.  She said, depending on the size (1 cm or more), she would either remove it/them in the ER (general anesthetic of choice) or, she'd leave them alone if it or they were smaller than that.  I then, asked if they weren't the cause of the bleeding, what could be the cause?  She said, "It just may be YOUR body's way of ending and we could just leave things alone."  So, I asked about the possibility of leaving it all alone now and waiting to see what happens and her answer was that if we didn't check into this and I was still bleeding 5 or 6 months down the road, she wouldn't know whether there was something going on????  I'm still not getting that and of course, I got the "bum's rush" out the door!  I had a total of 7 minutes with her for all of this before she actually got up and opened the door to let me know she was done talking. 

Lynette, knowing all that you do about all of this, what would be your thoughts on this?  To be honest, I'm not sure that I want to go through anymore testings right now.  I'm tired right out.  :(    I'm tempted to leave it all alone because I know that it's not cancer or even pre-cancerous right now. 

By the way, I went last week for my thyroid biopsy and much to my surprise and delight, the doc came in after the ultrasound portion of the testing and said that he didn't feel the need to do one on me because not only had the one nodule not grown any since last year but, some of the other nodules may have actually SHRUNK in size!  I was up off of that table faster than a cat on a hot tin roof! LOL  I grabbed my clothes and ran for the change room, not looking back!  I go to see the surgeon October 9th to see where I go from here.  (They've been watching this every 6 months for 3.5 years now and 2 biopsies that were benign)  I'm at the point of saying "See you in a year" on my own now.  Thank the heavens I have some flexibility in my work schedule or I'd be FIRED by now with all of the time off for these medical appointments!!!  

I'd really like your input and thoughts.  Of course, I'll have to make up my own mind, based on what I feel is "right" for me but, I'd really like your thoughts and would really appreciate them as sadly, I don't have anyone else to talk to about all of this. 

Thanks for being here for me! 


Thank you again, Lynette!!!  You have put my mind at ease tremendously in your own personal story, research and thoughts.  I can live with the spotting and sometimes, very light flow for a day here and there.  You are right on that point.  And, I do feel this is hormonal because all of the PMS symptoms go along with it all so, you're helped me to put this into perspective greatly!!!  I truly appreciate your time and energy and wisdom on this and in being there for me. 

You're also right that if there is pre-cancerous or cancerous pathology, I will have to follow what is best and what is needed to be done but, if there is normal pathology, I will follow my gut on what to do or not do with it all.  I also will be seeking the name of a good naturpathic doc as well because I think we need to keep our bodies in natural balance through natural methods, good and healthy eating and supplements if necessary and where necessary. 

Oddly enough, just before I read your response here, an acquaintance had just come by (I'm working from my home office today) and asked me to write a letter for her as a favor and we got talking about menopause as she is about my age.  Apparently, she went through what you have just described and did nothing about it as well...not even a biopsy and has been happily finished with all of this for 2 years now and into menopause with no more problems since.  Then, I came back to find your response, saying the same thing that she had just said.  She went from the heavy bleeding into months of continual on and off spotting as well, then finished. 

I will take your advice though and eat some read meat as the iron can help.  I usually stay away from red meat and only eat fish and chicken so, that may also at least help with the tiredness. 

In the meantime, I guess I will keep stock on pads and wait for the biopsy results and seek out a naturpathic doctor to see what else can help me naturally.  I'll also look forward to your blog entry on thyroid and will keep an eye open for when you've got it up.  :)  

I will keep you and Rhonda updated as I go along as I know that our experiences and discussions will also help others who are wrestling with the same type of thing and worried.  Just knowing others have and are going through something similar makes it feel less "lonely" and more "normal" vs being an abberance.  :)



Hi Jamie,

Sounds like you have weighed your options and are taking charge of them; that's great.  FYI - I didn't just spot with my thickened endometrium - I bled pretty heavily - like a period  3 weeks out of every 4. This went on for over a year and a half.

It was annoying, yes - but as long as I didn't become anemic, my MD and I decided that doing nothing was the way to go.  I DID eat red meat at least twice a day and maintained my red blood cells okay.  The thing is; because modern medicine has always intervened in such bleeding/spotting, it's been seen as a disease or something that needed hormones or a D & C or what have you. Because of this continual bias toward intervention, we may have missed that this could be a normal variant for some women.  It certainly seemed to be for me.

I left two gynecologists whose only suggestions were D & C or hysterectomy.  I figured rightly that they'd been trained as I had - that you do something for Menopausal bleeding.  The more I learned later, the more I began to believe that as long as there is no pathology, there's no reason to intervene.

Now of course, it wasn't driving me to distraction.  I didn't like changing pads every few hours most of my life, but it seemed less disruptive to me than surgery or hormones.  So that was my choice.  Every woman has to weigh the risks vs benefits for herself and do what is right for her.  There's no one right answer.  As long as you gather the information and monitor your own body, you will make the right decisions for yourself.  Good luck, please let me know how it goes!

All my best,

Lynette Sheppard RN

Hi Lynette:

Thank you so much for your advice!  I think I've seen my fair share of doctors and testings lately and the more I go, the more stressed and worried and tired out that I'm getting.  I thank the heavens for doctors but, at the same time, I am beginning to feel that I'd like to do what you've suggested....see a naturopathic or holistic doctor now and see what they can do for me...not instead of but, in conjunction with. 

I so wish that we could get natural progesterone cream up here.  Unfortunately, in Canada, it's by prescription only from a compounding pharmacy.  We have Mexican Wild Yam Cream in healthfood stores but, I also know from research that the body cannot convert the Wild Yam into Progesterone itself.  And, you're right....a D&C is under anesthetic and there are risks associated with it so, unless it is truly needed and will prove to help, I'm not sure that I want to go through it.  I do want to go the bioidentical route if I need progesterone. Only if the biopsy results come back as needing surgical intervention (ie: pre-cancerous/cancerous) will I consider surgery because there is no choice there and I'd likely opt for a hysterectomy since it's moderately prolapsed anyways.   Were you spotting with your thickened endometrium?  I'm not sure if you mentioned that or not?

The thing is, I need to get this bleeding stopped somehow.  I've been spotting off and on (more on than off) since early April.  That's now 5, going on towards 6 months of it and I'm fed up.  Something has to thin this lining out and stop this bleeding.  It's light enough for a panty liner or, a very light pad but, it's annoying to say the least and worrisome.  (The worry isn't helping, I'm sure...but, it's difficult to get doctors to explain fully and it takes ages to get test results and in for other opinions in this system...though I'm not complaining about our healthcare system :))

So, I wait and I fret and I worry about all of these results, day by day.  I think I'll end up in a psych ward soon LOL.  White isn't my color. ;-P  I'm vowing that once I've gotten through whatever this is, I'm taking a vacation from doctors for awhile if I can.  They can save our lives and are godsends but, they can also drive us to whackdom! ;-) 

Thanks Lynette!


Hi Jamie,

Boy, I sure understand your frustration that no one is listening or taking you seriously.  I wish I could say that it was uncommon.  It's unlikely that your practitioners are not good; more that they have limited means and information about Menopause itself.  We are all (  Menopause Goddesses) blazing new territory, it seems.

As to your concerns.  First, because my thickened lining was normal, my enlightened GYN elected to do nothing.  Doing nothing can be a great thing, sometimes.  I visited a practitioner earlier this week, who quipped to me "We can always make you worse,"  referring to medical intervention.  As a nurse, I have to agree.

Eventually, I started taking natural progesterone cream for insomnia and night sweats, so it may have helped with the lining, but that is not why I took it.  I also had fibroids, but as predicted they shrunk to nothing with time and the continuation of the Menopausal journey.

Remember that  a D & C involves general anesthesia and should not be an option without a good reason.  Don't let anyone say to you "It's just a simple D & C."  Simple for whom?  Make sure it is indicated, and get a second opinion if this is prescribed for you.  Most of all, trust yourself as part of the healthcare decision  making process.

Second - re: the thyroid symptoms.  All the symptoms you list are also symptoms of Menopause and can be due to declining estrogen and progesterone levels.  So it can be hard to sort it out.

Not sure how the multinodular goiter contributes, if at all.  However, I can tell you that a number of complementary medicine MD's (MD's who use alternative and herbal treatments as well as what we think of as modern medicine) believe that hypothyroidism is grossly underdiagnosed, esp. in Menopausal women.  They base supplementation on physical exam and symptoms, not on blood tests which might be unreliable.

That is how I ended up on thyroid supplementation (Naturethroid, a bioidentical hormone - which my MD preferred over synthroid, the synthetic version.)  And it was literally a godsend.  My blood tests were all normal - yet I had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.  And they resolved with supplementation.

I plan to do a whole blog entry just on hypothyroidism soon on the Menopause Goddess Blog - stay tuned.

Lastly, I know you have seen WAY too many practitioners, but if you want to check out the thyroid connection further, you might want to find a complementary or integrative medicine practitioner.  Do a web search for your area for either of these.  You also might search "holistic MD" or "alternative MD"  although alternative is not as specific a term.

Interview the practitioner if possible, even over the phone, to see if you resonate with him/her.  Let me know how it all works out. Breathe in and out during this frustrating time.  If your symptoms are due to a normal Menopause, know that they get better over time.

All my best,

Lynette Sheppard RN

Hey Rhonda & Lynette:

I'm checking back in again to say hi.  I finally finished bleeding from the biopsy.  I got a week's reprieve and now am back to the annoying spotting again. 

Lynette, if you are still reading this thread, I'm wondering since you also had a thickened endometrial lining and it was deemed as normal proliferative thickening, what did they do to thin out the lining in your case?  Hormone treatments such as progesterone or a D&C? 

Rhonda....what about you?  Have you gotten your spotting under control now and how? 

I'm getting antsy and of course, scared of the results (scheduled for Sept 22nd as it stands now).

Rhonda, I think that you're right!  I just read an article about thyroid and the spotting and thickened endometrial lining.  I wish that I could get someone to pay attention to this!  I've got another thyroid biopsy scheduled for the 15th of September and the results on the 9th of October.  I can tell you that I'm getting really fed right up with doctor's visits and appointments.  It's a good thing that my work schedule is flexible or I'd be out of a job with all of these appointments! LOL  I've got all of the hypothyroid symptoms...losing hair rapidly, huge weight gain without changes in diet, really knocked out tired, dry skin, cold feet and hands all of the time, losing eyebrows on the outer edges, foggy thinking and so many more.  Yet, because my blood work is coming back as within "normal ranges", they ignore the symptoms but, keep up with the ultrasounds and biopsies on this multinodular goiter and now, uterine biopsy for thickened endometrium and spotting????  I don't get it.  Family doc, endocrinologist, endocrine surgeon and now gynecologist and I can't get anyone to explain fully to me so that I can understand in spite of a LOT of questions from me.  It seems like it's all being dismissed and only clinical testings are mattering???  :(   



At least you show some humor through all this. Always wonder if your thyroid situation has something to do with the spotting. Has that been addressed with the Dr.? I am also having trouble with this site showing error, etc. I think we have overloaded this site. If you would like to give me your e-mail, we can type back and forth, and it would be more private.

Continue feeling better-Rhonda

Sorry about the posts being repeated info!  I didn't see my answers post as I kept getting an error message but, it seems that they did go through. 

Maybe, I need to stop the Advil and take up drinking? ;-P

Hi Rhonda & Lynette:

Thank you both so very much for being here for me and caring!  It means a LOT!

I'm so glad that it's over least the test part. :)  Now, it's waiting for the results. 

In the meantime, I'm still bleeding but, the cramping is less.  I tried to call my gyn's office yesterday and of course, no one is in until Monday.  There's no back-up doc to talk to as even my family doc was off on Friday and until Monday.  I did take it easy most of Thursday as well and less active than usual yesterday (Friday).  I did call a health info line that the province has set up and talked to a registered nurse though.  She said as long as I wasn't soaking through a pad every hour, no fever, etc., there was no need for an ER situation.   However, it seems that the effects of this misoprostol (the cervix dilator/softener) is not a well known thing with endometrial biopsies so, she didn't have any info on that to help me with.  So, I called the pharmacist who said that the effects can last for 3 or so days.  I'm just going into the 4th day now, depending on how it's looked at.  I'm a little worried about the bleeding but, I'm nowhere even close to the "danger level" that the nurse was concerned about so, I'm hoping it will stop soon or slow down to spotting and I can wait until I can get ahold of my gyn on Monday morning..or...better yet....I won't need to! :)

In the meantime, the nurse I spoke to, told me to take Advil for the cramping as I need not be in pain, keep taking it easy, nothing strenous and if anything got any worse, call them back and they'd direct me (being the weekend of course) to whatever facility I needed. 

So, I continue to be a bit concerned but, at least I have a source of help, assessment and info. 

I guess, if nothing else, I am shedding some of this thickened lining?  That needed to be done anyways. Maybe, all of this just stirred up a period finally?  The stress and the prodding around?  My last full period was in December so, perhaps, this spotting has been kicked off into a period and this is all coincidental?  Or, the Misoprostol has kicked it off because it's a synthetic prostaglandin?  No one seems to know as it's not a common usage for it. 

Keeping my fingers crossed that this eases and goes away soon!  Today would be perfect! LOL  I've had ENOUGH STRESS!!! LOL  I'm booked in for a thyroid biopsy next month so, I've still got things to deal with!


Hi Jamie,

I am so sorry that your having a tough time after the biospy. I wish I could help-but I never heard of taking that drug along with having a biopsy. Would try to hold out from going to the emergency room unless you start bleeding heavier. You may be right, that this has brought on a period to rid the excess lining. Try to relax and put your feet up, hopefully the bleeding will ease. Good Luck as always, Rhonda



Hi Jamie,

I am so sorry that your having a tough time after the biospy. I wish I could help-but I never heard of taking that drug along with having a biopsy. Would try to hold out from going to the emergency room unless you start bleeding heavier. You may be right, that this has brought on a period to rid the excess lining. Try to relax and put your feet up, hopefully the bleeding will ease. Good Luck as always, Rhonda

Thank you Lynette & Rhonda!

Well, it's now Friday (done on Wednesday) and I'm bleeding like I have a period and still cramping.  Perhaps, it did kick off a period (last one was in December)?   Or, perhaps, my cervix is still dilated from the misoprostol and thus, the bleeding easier?  I can't find info on that anywhere.  There's lots of info post biopsy like spotting but, nothing about a flow.  I guess I really am only 2 full days into this so, perhaps, it's normal?  But, of course, the gyn's office is closed until Monday (I tried calling this morning) and even my family doc is off until Monday.  I still need Advil (though I'm trying to keep that to an absolute minimum usage...took only 3 regular strength yesterday in total).  There doesn't seem to be any information that incorporates the misoprostol/cytotec with the biopsy and bleeding.  All info seems to be about biopsies without the cytotec so, not sure if this is normal for using that drug since it does dilate the cervix.  I know the doc said, no swimming for 7 days so, it must keep it dilated/softened for a few days anyways? 

I called the health info line (we have that up here in Canada) and spoke to a nurse who said that she didn't have much info on it either but, to give it until Sunday unless I was bleeding excessively (saturating a pad in an hour or less and I'm nowhere near that level...less than half that amount).  In the meantime, it's frustrating to not be able to get answers as to what's ok and what's not.  :(

I'll keep you posted and updated.  In the meantime, I hope this cramping and bleeding stops or slows down and I'll feel better :). 



Thank you Rhonda and Lynette!!! 

I'm still bleeding like a period type of bleed.  It's now Friday morning and I had this done on Wednesday morning.  Of course, I did have the Misoprostol which dilates the cervix and softens it so, perhaps, this is normal given that med? 

I did try to call my gyn's office this morning to question about it since the weekend is here and of course, the office is closed today with the message about if it's a medical emergency, go to your nearest hospital...blah, blah, blah.  I did call a provincial healthcare line (staffed by nurses and available for information as to what should be looked at and when) and they said to give it until Sunday as long as I wasn't soaking through a pad in an hour or less.  I'm nowhere near that level at this point in time.  More like a light flow, sometimes becoming a bit heavier then easing off.  She did tell me to take it easy and keep off of my feet if I can.  I'm doing that.  Even my family doc is off until Monday so, there's no one to call and only an ER type of situation which I don't want to do if I can help it as it's HOURS worth of waiting! 

No one seems to know what is "normal" for this situation (the misoprostol and biopsy) since most gyn's don't use the med before a biopsy.  It's certainly caused problems.  Of course, this is unnerving to say the least.  I'm wondering if perhaps, all of the stress, along with the biopsy and the cervical dilation etc., has brought on a long overdue period?  My last full period was in December.  I had been spotting on almost a daily basis since early April as in my original post, so perhaps, this has just brought on that full period like bleed now?  At least it may be thining out some of the thickened endometrial lining with this bleeding? 

Does this ever end?! :( 

I think I may try to lay off the Advil today even though I'm still crampy (feels like mild period cramps now as opposed to the heavier ones Wednesday and yesterday) to see if perhaps, it's thining out my blood too much?   

There's just not much info regarding this on the net.  There's lots of info about bleeding after the biopsy without the misoprostol and lots of info on bleeding with misoprostol when used for abortions but, nothing about misoprostol and endometrial biopsy bleeding. 

I guess it's a wait and see type of thing and if (being the weekend), I get concerned, I may just have to resort to an ER for info and reassurance. :(


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