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Spotting and Spotting?

Posted by JLWH


I"m a newbie to this forum but, not a newbie to the effects of perimenopause and it's headache questions and fears. 

I'm 52 years old, about to turn 53 in July of this year.  I've been going through the past few years with major changes in my menstrual cycles as most in here are.  I went through the "floods" where I thought I was going to die and wondering if I should be hitting the E.R., then, all of that seemed to tone down and I went to days of a very light flow to just spotting for several days (5 to 7), then would miss months and back to same.  Between February 2007 and 2008, I had only an occassional day here and there with just one or two spots and nothing in between.  I figured I was done.  Yippeee.  But, not so. 

In February 2008, I awoke to a full fledged period again.  Panicked, I called my doctor who said to wait this period out, asked about my hot flushes (which mysteriously had disappeared just prior to this period and I hadn't had any for a few weeks .....they had been constant up until this point).  She said that she felt it was one last hurrah with the ovaries and to come see her when it was done...which I did.  I had an abdominal and trans vaginal ultrasound done which showed the uterine lining at 11 mm's 6 weeks after that period was done.   I got another period (closer to more normal periods I used to have prior to the oddball floods) in July of 2008, then another in December of 2008.  Then, nothing again until April of this year where I've had on and off very light spotting (one or two spots per day, usually only after toilet usage...not requiring really even a panty liner).  This has continued on since the first week in April with days of nothing, then several days of once or twice per day...sometimes, red, sometimes brown.  (It's now nearly July!!) 

I had another ab and transvaginal ultrasound done as well as my annual PAP, mammogram, bloodwork etc.. done in May with the ultrasound done in late May (takes time to get them booked and done).  The results came back with a uterine lining thickness of 16 mm's.  I know this can be rather thick but, my doctor said she wasn't overly concerned at this stage of things.  I've been referred to a gynecologist but, can't be seen until July 20th.  The spotting continues lightly on and off as it has since early April. 

I'm assuming that I will have a uterine biopsy done July 20th and am scared. 

I should mention, I guess that I'm also being monitored for thyroid nodules (had 2 biopsies already...thus far, benign) on a multinodular goiter.  I am overweight (I know...a risk factor for uterine cancer and a cause of an excess of estrogen).  I go faithfully, every year for my PAPs, (all normal) have had 4 ab/trans vaginal ultrasounds done and been watched by my family physician over these past years.  I do get PMS symptoms, the hot flushes have nearly disappeared for now where I was plagued with them and really annoyed by them.  A plus in all of this?  Probably, at least symptomatically for me anyways as they'd keep me awake at night.  I do have a prolapsed uterus (have had for 15 years or more now) which may or may not have a bearing on what is going on??? 

Could or would anyone share with me their own experiences with this type of thing or any knowledge that you have?  I'd just like to know that I'm not alone in this.  I'd also like to know if any of you have had a uterine biopsy done and what it feels like so that I'm not panicked unnecessarily. 

ANY info or personal stories would be much appreciated! So, thank you in advance and I'm glad to have found a forum where others can share with each other. 

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Dear JLWH,

I have had an endometrial biopsy done ( a biopsy of the uterine lining).  It was done in the doctor's office, and hurt for just a second, when the actual piece of lining was snipped.  (I was in the "pap smear position" and she passed the instrument through the  cervix and took a sample of the uterine lining.)  There was a little cramping and spotting for about 24 hours afterwards; but nothing major and I took a couple Tylenol.  No anesthesia needed or anything.  

The hardest part was waiting for the biopsy results which took a couple days. I also had had multiple ultrasounds over a span of a couple years.  My MD was simply making sure that the thickness did not signify cancer or other conditions, since it had been noted for so long. Thankfully, the results were normal thickening associated with menopausal changes.

Occasionally, a biopsy is unable to be performed in the office when the cervix is too "tight" or there's difficulty getting into the uterus.  (I had had a previous unsuccessful attempt at endometrial biopsy in the office by a different gynecologist.) If this occurs, then the biopsy may need to be done in the hospital.

As for the procedure itself, except for one sharp pain that was over before I could yell a swear word, it was not difficult or frightening.  Please keep us posted.

All my best,

Lynette Sheppard, RN

Menopause Goddess Blog


Thank you SO much for your post and this information! 

I'm chuckling at you saying that it was over before you could yell a swear word.  That would likely be my response as well.  I've recently been through a couple of thyroid biopsies and have another one to have done as a re-check in September as well as this uterine biopsy.  I remember wanting to let a few cuss words go at that point as well but, with needles stuck in the throat....well, you aren't going to move or blink! *smile*

 So, there are "normal" types of thickening during menopause?  I was really concerned when I heard 16 mm's...especially, with this spotting but, because I have not been deemed as post menopausal and still considered "peri", my family doc was not overly concerned it seems but, feels (as I do) that sending me to a gynecologist for a biopsy is likely a good next step. 

I certainly don't want a hysterectomy but, I DO want this annoying on and off spotting to finally stop.  I was thinking that perhaps, they will also offer some form of progesterone therapy to nudge a period on to shed off some of this excess lining if all is normal on the biopsy results?

Thank you so much again for your response as I feel "rushed" in and out by doctors and don't get the chance to ask the questions that I want answers to.  I will keep you updated. 


Thanks for getting back to me and keeping me updated.  My uterine thickening was worst during perimenopause and by the time i was post menopausal, so we were similar in that, too.  (I even 'grew' fibroids during the perimenopausal period.  My GYN (enlightened one) said that usually they shrink or disappear once one is postmenopausal.  Sure enough, they went away.)  And I know what you mean about the feeling of being "rushed", so feel free to ask or vent anytime.  Hey, and if that swear word happens to make it all the way out, so be it!

All my best,

Lynette Sheppard RN, Health Maven for Menopause Community

Menopause Goddess Blog

An update and a question:

I went to see the gynecologist on the 20th of July for the first time, fully expecting to have the uterine biopsy done at that point.  There was no exam, just a general 5 minute introduction and I was handed a sheet of instructions as "prep" for this biopsy. 

She works by using misoprostol (Cytotek) vaginally at bedtime, prior to the biopsy to soften and dilate the cervix before she does the biopsy.  She said it makes it "easier on her" as it only takes her 20 seconds to do with this med.  Ok, I can see her point there BUT....when I went to have the prescription filled, and did some research on it, there appears to be some rather uncomfortable side effects from this pill, ie:  cramping after insertion and bleeding (for which she recommends putting on a pad and taking ibuprofen at the same time as inserting this pill), diarehia (which she says is only for a day or two) and to take Gravol for the possible nausea that can accompany this pill (I can't take Gravol as I have weird reactions to it)....then, take 2 ibruprofen tabs just an hour prior to the biopsy. 

Uggghhh...this sounds worse than the actual biopsy!  I asked her if she was doing something different than what is normally done to my understanding and she replied that it was the same procedure...just faster for her.  Ok...well, that's great and will likely cut back on that "ouch factor" from manual cervical dilating seems that there's increased bleeding (prior to the procedure and afterwards), more cramping (prior to and afterwards), diaheria that lasts for up to 3 days and possible nausea and vomiting??? 

I'm scheduled for the 12th of August for this and I'm really shaky about using this pill and all that comes with it.  It seems that biting down on a wooden spoon for a few minutes would be better than the side effects of this pill that seem to encompass HOURS rather that moments! 

Any thoughts?  I would be MOST appreciative of hearing them asap. 


Sigh, I wish that yours was a rare story.  If you have concerns, then definitely you need to talk with your GYN and voice them.  Tell her that you'd rather try the biopsy without the pill and why.  Her response will tell you if she indeed can be your trusted health care partner.

She may legitimately say that it may be unsuccessful (my first one was with a different GYN than the one who ultimately did the biopsy).  And then your next choice will be:  pill and then biopsy or biopsy under general anesthesia in hospital.  (The pill sounds less invasive, but you need to do your own sort of risk benefit analysis.)

If she is indeed a "partner", she will agree to do the biopsy without the pill.  That it is easier for her is admirably honest for her to say, but who is the client here?  I always say that we should be "followed" by a physician or nurse practitioner, not led.

Good luck in your conversation with her.  No need to be confrontational, but to express your concerns and decisions to her.

Let me know what happens.  I'll be thinking good thoughts.

Lynette Sheppard RN   Health Maven, Menopause


Hi- I never heard of such a thing. I have had many uterine biopsys through the years. Unless she is doing a D&C and/or a hysteroscopy(looking inside the uterus)

Have you ever had any children? Usually the cervix is easier to get through if you have had vaginal births.

The pipelle that goes through the cervix for a biopsy of the uterus is so small, the cervix is not really dialated at all.

I went to the gyno 2 weeks ago thinking I might have a biopsy-but she told me to hold off. The nurse had everything ready-and she would have done it w/o any of the preparation you noted.

Maybe you would like to see a different gyno.

Good luck.

Thank you Lynette!  I so appreciate your input and I'm thinking on doing just that...telling her that I'm not comfortable with this prep and all of the problems that it may cause that may be easy for her and possibly easier for me during the procedure but, certainly not hours ahead of it or days after it!  My gut didn't feel right about it.  It seems that this is "standard" for her though.  A woman before me, came out with the same sheet, same prescription in hand and same instructions.  I could hear the secretary telling her the same thing but, it wasn't until I was in front of the secretary, getting the same instructions that I realized the woman before me was going to go through the same thing.  I am going to see my family doc on Tuesday to discuss this with her and my options.  I had an instant gut reaction that IF she does this with everyone....she might not be comfortable doing it without a softened/dilated cervix and that's NOT who I want doing my biopsy!  I have the name of another gynecologist from a friend who's had 2 biopsies done by her doc and no prep, no horrible pain (as one forum I was reading said it would be....literally nearly 300 posts about the biopsy being "the worst pain of their lives!")

 Rhonda...thank you so very much too for filling me in on what you've been through!  It means that people actually do survive this! *smile*  Lynette has shared with me her experience with it.  Can you share yours with me since you've had a number of them? 

I've had one child...delivered vaginally but, that was 26 years ago now.  I do have a moderate prolapse as well (so, that can bring the cervix right to the opening for "ease" *wink*).  I'm likely due to have a hysterectomy at some point for that reason anyways, but I'm not bothered by the prolapse.  I've been dealing with it for nearly 17 years now with no problems, normal paps etc..

Anything you could share with me would help ease some of this horrible anxiety that I'm feeling right now about all of this.  I'd be very much appreciative of your help and sharing! 





Hi Jamie,

I have a similiar situation as yourself. I am 53 with 2 vaginal deliveries(27 & 23 yrs ago) Been dealing with dysfunctional uterine bleeding and spotting for over 26 years. Even spotted with both pregnancies at the beginning! Always had long periods-8-13 days  including spotting and sometimes even spotting mid-cycle. Thats why I have had uterine and cervical biopsies. I have even had 6 cervical polys removed through the years. So far everything has been benign. Now trying to get through menopause, as I have uterine fibroids-one large at 7.8cm. I had light periods the last year, and was happy-but in April 09 started with a lighter period followed by spotting which turned into a light period again. So I made an appt with my gyno who did a pap and found a large cervical polyp which she had a hard time removing in the office. It was removed in 2 pieces. ( I hope she got the whole thing-as I don't want it to grow back) I have found cervical biopsies to be much more painful than uterine ones. Anyway that polyp was benign. That stress caused a long heavy period(had not had one like that since last Sept 08.) Continued spotting off and on-and went back to the gyn figuring she would do a biopsy-but she discussed everything with me(I had had an ultrasound to track my fibroids and see what could be causing the spotting) Anyway I should say that my uterine lining was 7mm-it was 5mm 2.5 yrs ago. She was fine with that as I am still perimenopausal as you are. She told me to wait a bit and see if the spotting stops. She fels it is hormonal now. So I hope this helps. I am a worry wart and these things really bother me too. I hope you find a Dr. that will do the biopsy in the office w/o all those drugs if needed and that everything will be O.K. I hope to get through menopause soon so that my fibroids will shrink. And I hope to keep all my female parts intact!!

Best wishes. I am here if you ever want to vent. Rhonda

Hi Rhonda:

Wow, you really HAVE been through quite a lot!  Not to sound horrible in any way but, I'm relieved to have someone to share with because I'm like you, a "worry wart". :)  I've also been going through testings for thyroid problems and have had 3 biopies done on that and another one scheduled for September of this year.  I have a multinodular goiter with one nodule that shows up as "cold" on scans so, they are watching that one and every 6 months, I go back to have another ultrasound and if there's been ANY growth in size, another biopsy.  It's all becoming a bit much but, because my thyroid is still seemingly operating within normal realms, the (the surgeon and endocrinologist and my family doc) are saying to "wait and see" and are saying that removing a functioning thyroid and having to go through the hormone balance stuff can get pretty rough and possibly very uncomfortable for me if it's not entirely necessary.  But, the constant checks, biopsies and waits for results on them are getting to be a headache and now...this???

I'm like you menstrually.  I've always had some pretty bad PMS symptoms, and later in life, I've had some horrific "flood" periods that seemed to go on and on.  At one point, several years ago, they were so heavy that I couldn't leave the house some days or go far because I'd soak through overnight pads really quickly.  I nearly headed for the ER a couple of times.  Then, came the light periods where I wondered if they were periods....more just a day of a very light flow, followed by a few days of moderate then light spotting and done.  Between 2007 and 2008, I had virtually, one or two days of spotting and nothing in that entire year.  Then, came three periods in 2008 (last one in December) and a day or two of spotting in February and March of this year, then all heck broke loose in my life with one upsetting event after another and I started this on and off light spotting that's not stopping at the beginning of April right up to the present day. 

The problem for me is that I'm in Canada and waiting times to see specialists are horrific.  Often 3 to 4 months waiting times before a consult and then, any procedures that need to be done are often weeks away after that.  So, transferring doctors is not an easy task at all.  I was just saying to my husband yesterday that it took nearly 3 months to get THIS appointment (on the 20th of July) just for that 5 minute visit with this gynecologist and another 3 weeks to the date of the biopsy appointment and then, it will be another 4 weeks for the results to come in.  That means that no one will do anything about this spotting or the thickened lining for at least another 7 weeks from now on top of the already 3 months that I've been going through this on and off spotting!  In the meantime, the waiting is mental and emotional hell and the spotting is annoying to say the least.  I'm irritated beyond belief with pads and liners, never knowing when it will start or stop again.  It's all kind of making me want to say..."Just book an OR and do the hysterectomy!"  I actually half joked (I really wasn't only joking) in saying to my family doc...."Why don't they just book me into an OR, have the 2 surgeons at the ready and one can do the hysterectomy and the other the thyroidectomy, then put me on some great drugs, let me feel miserable for a couple of weeks and I'll be done with everything at once!"  She laughed.  I was thinking...I wish! ;)

Hopefully, like you're hoping for, you'll go into menopause and your fibroids will shrink as they usually do and life will become pleasant for you again! 

I know that right now, I feel like I'm in "Hormone Hell"!  My mood swings are horrendous.  I can go from laughing to being a screaming irate maniac to crying, all in 120 seconds! I'm foggy headed, I'm COLD a lot of the time where I used to have to peel off down to my underwear with hot flushes.  The sore breasts (had my regular mammograms every year), the crampiness at times, low backaches (that come and go with the spotting), the premenstrual headaches (very specific headaches I've always gotten premenstrually) and everything else is driving me NUTS!!!!  I went to the healthfood store to see what would help all of this and I was given a "Mexican Wild Yam Extract" cream.  Of course, it's not like the natural progesterone creams that can be gotten in the U.S. over the counter.  I know our bodies can't convert the diosgens into progesterone as that has to be done by a compounding pharmacy up here but, it's all prescriptive up here and I can't even order it as Canadian Customs would consider it "illegal" or "contraban" were I to try to smuggle it over the border.  I really think that I'm lacking in Progesterone by comparison to Estrogen (thus, the uterine lining thickness) and I can't get anyone to do a hormone panel in bloodwork to see. 

I usually am very active in being my own medical advocate and research things before I make decisions.  But, right now, I feel very alone and scared and frustrated and on top of not feeling well with these hormonal influences as well as Life's Garbage that I've been having tossed my way over the past several months, (lost my job due to the recession, daughter moved out with a creep who is a druggie, my dog has cancer, a fight with my brother whom I've always been close to and we haven't spoken for nearly 6 months now, an elderly and ill father-in-law who needs constant help and care, 2 of my best friends are out of my life for differing reasons and the list goes on and on....all over the past 7 months or so)  So, right now, I'm quite lost and I even went to see a therapist to help me cope more healthfully with some of the situations that are causing me so much turmoil.  I'm doing everything I know how to do to help myself but, I'm really feeling frightened, alone and lost right now.  But, I keep trying to push forward and do what I need to do as I need to do it and try hard to just get through it all the best way I know how.  I'm sure that you can relate in some way or another. 

Please just know that I'm really grateful to have you and Lynette talk to me about this.  I know I will get through this...even if it does mean surgery as a bottom line but, it's the "meantimes" that are frightening and the support you've both shown me really means a LOT!



Hi Jamie,

No wonder your spotting with all the stress going on in your life!! Your hormones must be out of control. Its easy to say-but maybe if you can calm down a bit-your spotting will stop.

I'm sorry you have to wait so long to see Doctors in Canada. Maybe the way your Gyno wants to do the biopsy is the way most do it in Canada. I'm in New Jersey, and never heard of that.

I am trying to calm down myself. Hopefully it will work for both of us.

Again-all the best of luck-Rhonda

Hi Jamie, Sorry to hear of all the stress in your life-maybe thats why your spotting. Your hormones must be all out of line. Maybe if you can try to clam down(easier said than done) the spotting will stop. I am trying to do the same. Also-sorry it takes so long to see a specialist in Canada, that may be how the doctors handle biopsies there-but not here in the States. I am in New Jersey, I also wonder if your thyroid condition can cause menstrul irregularities? Anyway-I hope you feel better, and get some good news soon. Rhonda
Sorry for the double post-was having trouble with my computer, and thought neither reply went through. RB

Thank you Rhonda so very much for being here to talk to.  I agree.  I think that a lot of my problem IS hormonal imbalance and it's all likely caused by a LOT of stress that has sent everything out of whack.  I'm going to TRY my best to get my family doc on Tuesday to do a full blood workup on hormone levels to see where the balance is or isn't.  Perhaps, that may shed some light on things?  If my progesterone levels are out of balance, then it might be a telltale story of what is causing the uterine lining thickness (unopposed estrogen) as well as the "breakthrough" type of bleeding that I'm experiencing?  Again, I'm only guessing but, for the sake of a blood test, I can't see why she wouldn't be willing to do it.  Of course, there's always "the cost" factor as our healthcare up here is tax dollar funded rather than insurance related.  However, it IS a wonderful system in a lot of ways because it means that everyone has access to the same level of healthcare no matter what your financial status.  I won't complain over that in any way.

As for the doctor (gynecologist) using this prep, it's not "standard" because I have one friend who has had it done without it just recently.  That doc doesn't work with it, likely because it does cause more longer termed side effects and discomfort than the actual test itself for a few minutes by comparison?  I'm not sure.  It's just this doc's way of working, I guess and that kind of puts to question whether it's because it's easier for her or she feels it's easier for her patients?  I'm questioning how something that causes increased bleeding, more cramping before, during and after the procedure as well as nausea, vomiting, fever and especially diarehia for 1 to 3 days can be "easier" on the patient???? 

I'm sure that this test is no "walk in the park" and it has to be uncomfortable.  Can you tell me how you felt since you've had a few of them?  It would really help me to know so that I can prepare myself at least mentally for it.  I've read other's stories on the net and there's so many out there who are saying "worst pain I've ever felt...passed out".  My friend has had it done twice (without prep or pain meds) and said it really wasn't much worse than a regular pap but, there was a sharp pinch and a cramping during the procedure that made her jump a bit but, nothing intolerable.  She's only had one child like me, vaginally delivered and that child is now 22 years old so, I'm wondering if she's the exception to this "worst pain of my life...worse than childbirth" sort of story? 

Rhonda....thank you!!!  You don't know how much this means right now to me. 


Hi Jamie,

You are so welcome-who really wants to listen to female problems?? It feels so good to let it out.

The most impt. thing is that everything is O.K, and the endometrial biopsy itself is really as your friend said.  Sharp pain for one minute, and some light bleeding/spotting off and on for a bit. It has been 5 years since my last one-and I hope I won't have another-but probably will!!

As I mentioned before-removing the cervical polyp was much more painful than the uterine biopsy.

My hope for you is that you have the biopsy without those pills and that you get benign results.

I really think that the spotting will stop as soon as things calm down in your life.

Toronto is a beautiful city-as I traveled there as a child with my family. I grew up in Detroit, Mich and my Dad grew up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada via Poland, but he lived in Canada since he was 3 yrs old. Travel from Windsor to Detroit where he met my Mom was a simple drive over the bridge or tunnel.

I loved Casa Loma.

Hope you are feeling better-Rhonda

Thank you again, Rhonda!  There's you, Lynette and my friend who have all had similar experiences and that makes me feel that it's bearable even without this med.  :)

I'm glad that you have had the chance to visit Toronto!  I've lived here my whole life and it really is a great city.  Casa Loma has always held a fascination for me from the time that I was little.  I remember seeing Cinderella just prior to going my first time and imagining princesses coming down the staircase and dancing in the "ballroom".  Later in life, I was amazed a the builder's dream of hosting grand meetings for the military brass in its confines.  I still love it! *smile*  A friend of mine had her wedding there.  It was enchanting to have it there and her pictures are just fabulous!  She had almost a princess like wedding gown and her husband dressed in "coat tails". 

I've been down through the U.S. on many occassions and NYC several times.  I find it also fascinating.  We got stuck on the George Washington bridge one summer.  I think it must have been 104 in the shade that day.  There had been some sort of horrid truck accident and we had to get out of our cars and just stand there for hours but, the nice thing about it was that we got to meet a lot of wonderful people during that time frame.  We were always told that New Yorker's were "cold" but, we found exactly the opposite to be true.  Of course, driving through NYC was quite the experience *smile*.  We've been to Boston and down through Virginia and the Carolinas, of course, Florida several times, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio...all of the states that one would take to go and come from Toronto all the way down and through to Florida.  We'd go through Windsor going down and through Detroit and back along through the Eastern Seaboard coming home.  My one problem was in being a tea addict. *grin*  I'd ask for a tea and I'd end up with Ice Tea every time.  It was then that I had to ask for Hot Tea and I'd get it.  And, I had to smile because I'm used to replying "You're Welcome" after someone said, "Thank you", but I found that a lot of people tended to say "uh-huh" instead.  I also LOVE the different "accents" from different states.  I remember one NY State Trooper telling everyone that we couldn't park our car on the grass in a certain area.  (Lots of people were doing it so, we just followed suit).  I was a kid at the time and I remember being amazed at his accent as he said it.  My father swatted my knee as I giggled. And, not surprisingly, I have a lot of American friends online in different groups so, when we talk on the phone, they say that I have an accent and I'm amazed at theirs!  The world is a wonderful place and the internet has made this world a much smaller place so that we get to meet so many wonderful people that we'd not normally have ever met!  You're one of them! 

Well, let's hope that both you and I get through this menopausal turmoil intact and SANE! *smile*  There's got to be a rainbow at the end of this storm for us.  And, for what it's worth, I think that your gynecologist is being very level in what is being done.  Aggressive enough to be safe but, held back enough to allow Nature to take over and do its thing and not put you through more than you need to go through.  I think about our mothers and grandmothers and how very little was done back in those days for menopause.  If it was too was a hysterectomy and that was it.  In so many ways, we are lucky to have all of this technology but, in other ways, it's also become a huge stress too.  These tests and procedures don't come without a lot of stress, do they? 




Hi Jamie,

I just wanted to wish you lots of luck with the biopsy on the 12th. It will be over with before you know it! I hope you get good results. Keep us posted, and if you want to e-mail privately-please let me know. All the best-Rhonda

Hi Rhonda & Lynette:

Rhonda...thank you so much for thinking of me!!!  HUGS!!! 

Just like you both wasn't so bad at all.  I had a pinch and then some pressure, a sharp searing cramp and just as Lynette said, as I was about to say "ouch!", it was over. 

I am really crampy today and I'm bleeding like a period.  I think that is due to the fact that I was given Misoprostol (Cytotec) the night before, which was the worst part of it all as it caused really nasty cramps and bleeding so, it's likely that my cervix is still somewhat soft/dilated and thus, with the thickened lining anyways, it may be what's causing the bleeding to be heavier than spotting.  I'm keeping an eye on it and if it doesn't lighten up by tomorrow, I'll give the doc's office a call.  I still need Advil today but, not like yesterday.  

I didn't think to ask about the cramping and bleeding and how long it should or would last.  Any idea? 

I'll keep you up to date but, they've booked me in for Sept. 22nd to get the results.  That's a LONG time to wait for results!!  I guess if something serious came in sooner, they'd call me in least I HOPE!  They state that they will NOT give results over the phone but, I'd hope that they'd call me in sooner if there's something more immediate that needs to be discussed. 




By the way, I did try to get the doc to do this without the Cytotec but, she refused to do it if I didn't use this drug, saying it would be easier on me this way.  I'm not so sure about that.  HOURS worth of heavy cramping prior to the test and just as they were starting to ease, the biopsy caused more. LOL  I really think that perhaps, this drug is not worth it as it caused much more discomfort prior to the test. 

Hi Jamie,

I'm so glad it went okay!  I had to wait 2 weeks for my results, which luckily they did give over the phone.  That was before a lot of this privacy stuff though.

I don't know how long the bleeding or cramping should last, but I would definitely give the MD's office a call tomorrow if it isn't lightening up.  Okay, I'm thinking good thoughts - keep us posted.

Hugs to you too,


Hey Jamie,

So glad its finally over!!I would think you could bleed lightly/spot off and on for a couple weeks at least, but I agree if its not getting better, you should call the Dr. Take it easy and rest for awhile.

I hope you can get the results without having to wait another month. Please keep us posted, and FEEL BETTER. All my best wishes Rhonda

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