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Skin Wrinkles Treatment (Post Menopause)

Posted May 31 2012 1:35am

Skin Wrinkles Treatment (Post Menopause)

Article by Jenifer

Skin Wrinkles Treatment (Post Menopause) – Health – Skin Care

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There are two methods to treat skin wrinkles during post menopause. The first method is the conventional approach, and the second, complimentary therapy.

The conventional approach would be to stay out of the sun, stay away from smoking cigarettes, and not drink alcohol as all these add to the effects of aging. Doctors have determined that there are at least three factors that play a role in skin wrinkles. Intrinsic aging (genetics), environmental aging (sun, smoke, pollution, and stress, poor diet, and alcohol), and hormonal aging (the lack of estrogen in your body caused by menopause). Progestin skin creams, and creams that include the ingredients safflower oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, squalene, and grape seed extract, eating flax, soy-based foods, and fish all help in the fight against wrinkles. Avoiding red meat, dairy products, and caffeine can also help, but make sure that you supplement your diet with a calcium rich supplement to fight against osteoporosis.

By drinking at least eight 8oz glasses of water a day, and eating more fruits, these effects can be slowed down, but unfortunately, gravity and genes determine the amount of wrinkles in your skin. Carrying a tube of sunscreen is also very important during post menopause.

The National Cancer Society expects over 1.2 new cases of skin cancer to be diagnosed this year. By applying sunscreen a full thirty minutes before sun exposure give the ingredients a better chance of protecting you from the ultra violet rays of the sun. You are not to rub the sunscreen in like a moisturizer, but leave a thin film on the skin to help deflect sunrays. Wearing hats with large brims that cast a shadow over the neck and shoulders can also protect the skin from the suns rays.

Causes of skin wrinkles during post menopause is thinning of the skin which causes it to wrinkle and crease, ultra violet rays damage collage and elastin, the two ingredients that give the skin elasticity. People of fair skin and blue eyes also are more susceptible to the damaging sun as with people of darker skin tones. Smoking and drinking alcohol, and caffeine products also play a serious role in wrinkles.

Symptoms of skin wrinkles during post menopause include, dry, itchy skin, feelings of ants crawling under the skin, lack of elasticity, scaly peelings, poor healing of bruises, scrapes, and surgery. If you experience these symptoms, along with tiredness, and low blood pressure, make sure you see your doctor to have your thyroid checked as well.

The complimentary therapies would be the vitamin E creams, facelifts, chemical peels, and botox. Some of these methods are both painful and dangerous. Considering surgery should be a fully researched and thought out treatment.

Along with HRT and lifestyle changes, there are ways to slow down the aging process and wrinkles, but unfortunately there is no cure or wrinkles as they are a part of getting older. During post menopause, it is important to speak to your doctor about treatments for skin wrinkles during post menopause.

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