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Sign of early menopause

Posted by Kat1912

Hello, I'm in my mid 30s and I've notices that last month, I had my period twice in one month. I would have normal 5 days regular periods and the same symptoms of cramps, etc... My mom had told me, "If it's been 28 days. I wouldn't worry about it."

Again, could this be a sign of early menopause? I've heard women can have early menopause. I really hope not. Maybe, I'm just stressing myself out on this.




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Hello Dear,

Sometimes there will be the issue of irregular periods in this age it doesn't mean that you hit menopause. Do you feel any other symptoms of menopause like hot flash, night sweat, sleeping issue and so on. Then you may going through menopause otherwise its just a irregular periods issue. Don't worry. Take proper diet food and do regular exercise helps you to stay healthy.

Take care... 

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