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Sex, Chocolate and The Brain

Posted Oct 06 2010 7:54am

San Diego bioidentical hormones expert, Melinda Silva, M.D. was recently featured on FOX 5 Morning News, discussing sex, chocolate and hormones. During the segment, Dr. Silva explains some of stimulatory effects that chocolate has on the brain and talks about how chocolate can actually help kick start the sex drive.


Host: I’m not hiding it don’t worry, I been in chocolate haven all morning long in case you missed it I want you to take a look at a little bit of video I was at the Chihuahua chocolate factory, let me tell you unique flavors we are not just talking dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate they are making up  all sources of fantastic things to arouse the senses if you will and speaking of arousing the senses we are going to take here with DR. Melinda Silva of BodyLogicMD  and she’s here with some interesting finding about the wonder food, this chocolate and what it actually does to the brain. So Linda all morning long a have been trying all different sources of chocolate and wondering what’s going on in my brain right now.

Dr. Silva: Well the chocolate has Chemicals that in the brain causes stimulatory effects the chocolate has caffeine with stimulates your brain and that’s what contributes to the addictive factor, it also has something called Phenylethylamine which releases endorphin in your brain and that gives you  a pleasurable high, So there is actually something that is making you feel good.

Host: Really, so I’m wondering so if we just take this right here and you can try some too with me

Dr. Silva: Definitely, I love chocolate

Host: This one right here is called firecrackers; we made this actually this morning. How long would it take to have that happy feeling?

Dr. Silva: It could take minutes.I mean for me it will be in seconds, because I love chocolate but what chocolate also has is there’s a chemical in the brain called anatomy which has similar affects to marijuana and that is actually produced in the brain, the bad news is that there’s another chemical that breaks down that chemical so that doesn’t last very long, the good news is that chocolate keeps that chemical that makes you feel good around longer.

Host: How long would it last if a had this bombom , for how long would I have that happy feeling?

Dr. Silva: It could be minutes and that’s why some people might eat more chocolate, because the more they eat the better they feel  it will vary depending on people.

Host: There are studies out there and we are going to talk about this in a little bit, that women prefer chocolate to actually kissing and other things what is that all about?

Dr. Silva: There is a study that they got couples in their twenties and they had the milk chocolate in their mouths when they were kissing and that made their “buzz” at the kissing last longer and the volunteers that had the chocolate their heart rate doubled, so the chocolate keeps the “buzz” longer, of course it depends who your kissing right, but then in other words chocolate doesn’t disappoints either.

Host: So what’s the difference between men and women, because I noticed that of I’m with my husband and I’m going thru the ales of the grossing store I tend to gravitate more to the chocolate that say he would, so is there a difference  between males and females and how we react to chocolate?

Dr. Silva: Well there is a lot of social implications right, women are use to getting chocolate for Valentine’s Day and presents, part of that is because we learned that women are more in the mood when we eat chocolate so I think it’s just because the chocolate makes us feel better and we want to feel better, we just want to eat more of it. They actually did researches today that showed that when they come prepared men also have hot similar reacts, similar stimulatory effects they just didn’t buy it this often.

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