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Reddish brown blood after menopause?

Posted by fluffy06

Menopause started at 50 yrs.  I'm 65 yrs. now. From age 50-age 62, all was fine. At 62 yrs., I had an incident of bleeding---just like a period, cramps and all. This occured 2 more times. My doctor sent me to a gyn to get an ultrasound. All was normal. They didn't know what caused it. Now at 65, it's happened again except this time the blood is not bright red but rather reddish brown. I will schedule an appt. with the gyn but can't do it till Mon.

Is that too long to wait? Should I go to an ER?


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You didn't mention taking any hormones or not.  Regardless, endometrial (uterine) cancer is our biggest concern whenever someone reports post-menopausal bleeding.  However, unless you're lightheaded, weak, dizzy and/or faint from blood loss, you probably don't need to visit the ER but rather get in to see your family doc or gyn ASAP for both an ultrasound (to evaluate your uterus for fibroids and thickness of the lining) and either an endometrial biopsy or a D&C (dilation & curretage) to obtain tissue to examine closely under a microscope.  The color of the blood is immaterial.  Good luck!
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