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Q&A: progesterone?

Posted Aug 09 2010 3:58pm

Question by ♥: progesterone?
my husband and i were in our 5th month of TTC when i started having irregular periods due to stress. my doctor wanted to put me on the pill for 3 months, i didn’t want that.
she now wants to put me on Progesterone.
what do you think about progesterone?
she also said something about i might start bleeding again after going off Progesterone.

Best answer:

Answer by Amy Irvine
i think its wonderful. I started my period 2 days after the pill. Now I am on clomid so I can ovulate.

I know alot of people are affraid to take pills. Its up to you what you feel is right though. I personally am glad i got on the meds to help due to the fact of having PCOS

if you are not in a rush to get pregos…take your time. If you maybe have gained wait(like me) during the time befor or during your TTC then maybe take a few months to loose just a few pounds which could help sooooo much!

Best of luck!

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