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Perimenopause – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Posted Jun 05 2010 4:23pm

As the woman grows older gradually the ovaries start producing lesser estrogen which causes a new stage in a woman’s health history, the menopause. Now the stage starting few years earlier than menopause is called perimenopause, usually stating when woman is at her 40s.
Perimenopause Symptoms

Few signs of depression appear in PMS and also perimenopause. Menopause does not cause depression, but the depression may happen in families. If you see that loss of appetite, insomnia, depression and generally loss of pleasure or interest in life are on the list, you are likely to suffer clinical depression. Feelings as above should be shared with a health care practitioner.

Many perimenopausal women experience mood changes such as anxiety, depression, mood swings and irritability. Almost 75 to 85 percentages of women have hot flashes and sleep problems during perimenopause. The frequency, intensity and duration vary. Its hot flashes and night sweats that causes sleep problems although sleep may become erratic yet without either of the two mentioned.
Causes of Perimenopause

While a woman approaches menopause or enters perimenopause, she finds unexplained weight increase especially around her hips and waists no matter how hard she tries in losing excess weight. Actually, weight gain around abdomen is a very common complaint.

Menopause happens when a woman stops seeing menstrual periods permanently. The transitional phase before menstruation is completely stopped it is known as perimenopause. It is during this phase of time that huge rise and fall in hormones occur, which can create several of the signs.

Treatments for childhood cancer by “pelvic radiation therapy” or chemotherapy are referred to as a cause of early menopause.

Usually hysterectomy meaning removing the uterus only not the ovaries is not a cause for menopause. Although a woman has no longer periods but her ovaries still produce egg. Such a procedure can make menopause to take place earlier than the average.

The diagnosis of perimenopause

Most of the times the doctor makes the diagnosis according to the symptoms. Few Blood tests are prescribed for checking hormone levels but due to irregular fluctuations of the hormones it can be difficult to evaluate. Several blood tests in different occasions may help the evaluation.

What are the Perimenopause treatments?
Phytestrogen Plants produce many chemical compounds that are vital to the function and health of plant. Whenever the humans eat the plants, they consume the chemical compounds. One group of these chemical compounds that the plant produces is called phytestrogens. More than 300 plants have phytestrogen compounds.

Before beginning any kind of cure for the perimenopause symptoms, a woman should have a physical exam which includes full discussion about her medical history. It is suggested to have a mammogram during the last one year prior to beginning the medical therapy. If the physical examination and medical history suggest, the doctor may prescribe a “bone densitometry”. The “bone density” testing is a very good idea. The doctor may order to carry out any additional tests, if required.

To Your Health!

Dr. James S. Pendergraft opened the Orlando Women’s Center in March 1996., physical examinations, family planning, counseling.

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