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pain in the ovaries

Posted by Andrea

Sharp and Dull ache pains in both ovaries. Have had checks approx 3 months ago for sists growths water rentention etc all fine. Still have pain, sometimes when sitting mainly when moving and walking around. Fist started about 7-8 months ago and was mainly during my period but had developed to being anywhen.  Very uncomfortable and sharp pains can be breathtaking. Dont know what it could be, I am only 24 and try to eat healthy exercise etc. Do you have any ideas what could be causing this?
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It could be a uterine fibroid. Check with your gyn they can do an ultrasound to see. I have just had one removed and I had some of the same symptoms. Most fibroid will be called tumors but 99% are benign(not cancer). Best of luck.

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