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Menopause: The Happy Ending You’ve Always Wanted

Posted Aug 19 2012 1:00am
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It’s finally starting to cool off in the Midwest.  We’ve been enjoying high 60 and low 70 degree temperatures for about a week or so now – and none too soon if you ask me.

After approximately one year of unseasonably warm temperatures which began last fall, I’m personally hoping for one very crisp autumn, followed by a heavy-snow- laden winter.

Unless you’ve lived through a few summers in a place like Louisiana (like I have), where 100-plus degree temperatures with 85 to 90% humidity for weeks on end are normal, you don’t really appreciate the value of four seasons.

One of my Minnesota friends used to always say about the sweltering, unforgiving Louisiana climate, which was perennially stuck in the “hot” position, that it just “wasn’t natural.”  And she was right.

The heat wave which stifled the Midwest for the better part of the summer wasn’t natural either.  It made my daily activities miserable, and it definitely presented night time sleep challenges.  With my house heating up to 90-plus degrees by 5 p.m. every day, I had to pay special attention to thermostat control, the necessary ceiling fans in the on-position, and that my bedroom was sufficiently cooled down by the time I was ready for bed.  Otherwise, it didn’t matter if I was taking Estroven Nighttime to help me sleep or not.  It wasn’t going to happen.

All in all, I survived the hot summer of 2012.  But I’m definitely looking forward to cooler temperatures in the coming seasons. Perhaps it’s not so much the temperature changes that are nice, but the general nature of change itself.  It can be refreshing and rejuvenating when things are, in the words of Pop Music icon, Madonna, “all shiny and new.”

Ultimately, menopause can be that way too – all shiny and new.  Although, when the rocky ride of perimenopause sets the change of menopause in motion, most women don’t exactly feel that way.  That’s because when you’re in the thick of perimenopause , it feels like it’s going to last forever, and well, that can be pretty darn discouraging.  It certainly was for me.

Change can be very scary too, particularly if you don’t know what it’s going to be like on the other side.  By the time the average woman begins going through perimenopause, she has lived long enough to know that happy endings are not always guaranteed.

How does she know that the change of menopause isn’t really going to be another sad story where the ruby slippers don’t fit, and her prince charming turns out to be just a toad anyway?  She doesn’t.  So who can blame her then, if she’s reluctant to embrace a change that signals the end of life as she has always known it? Not me.

When a woman is going through the change of menopause , what she needs most is to know that all of the hormonal hoopla is eventually going to give way to a time of life that is actually pretty grand.  I mean, seriously, who’s going to complain about a life that is no longer punctuated by a period?  You got it.  Not me.

Have you joined me in the Good Sleep Challenge yet?  If you haven’t, please do.  Check out the details here.

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