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Menopause Symptoms, My Story, And Free Menopause Help

Posted Dec 02 2009 11:20am
My own transition through perimenopause was dramatic enough for me to want to share my experiences, and those of numerous others, with women and men dealing with its physical, emotional and mental issues.
Menopause blindsides most of us. Typically no one really expects it, and sometimes it takes months before one realizes that the sypmtoms they are experiencing are, in fact, this change of life.

Personally, I began experiencing physical affects first. Somewhere around 46, my waist left. I gained weight in the middle and the total is around 20 lbs that I can't seem to get rid of. Put it this way - the things that normally made me lose those 20 lbs do NOT work any more.

Then I began waking up in the middle of the night. Every night. Around 3 am, and I couldn't go back to sleep, sometimes for hours. Next, came the hot flashes; which I noticed mostly when I was up at night.

When the emotions began to swing, I finally realized something was happening that I had never experienced before. I was standing in the line at the grocery store and saw a small child go by. Because I like children, typically that would cause just a warm spot in my heart. But now I was crying, tears pouring down my face to the point of being embarrassed enough to leave the store. I felt like I was going mad.

Because emotional instability runs in my family, I've always had a hidden fear that my hormones would take over one day, and I wouldn’t be able to recognize myself. It felt like my worst fears were coming true. Probably the worst thing was that my memory had become unreliable. It's one thing to walk into a room and not remember why you are there, but it's another to forget critical information that affects your job performance or the care of your house and child. I felt like I was in anger of losing everything. How could my life be over so soon?

One day during a conversation with my mother, and after I got angry over something trivial, she said out of the blue, "You know, Cathy, you aren't acting like your normal self. Do you think you might be going through menopause?"

Bang! She hit me right upside the head. It had never occurred to me before. But so many little things were beginning to ad up, and I couldn't deny them any longer. Yes, my body changed and I was pissed about it. Yes, my mind was fuzzy and I couldn’t complete as much work as I wanted to. Yes, my emotions would swing so wild, at times I thought my heart would leap from my chest.

I needed help ...

Come back and find out what I did to put quality back into my life during perimenopause.

In the meantime, visit my webiste to answer some of your most important menopause questions:

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