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Menopause Moment With a Twist Of Low Blood Sugar

Posted Dec 14 2008 12:08am

Hello to my fellow Menopause Maniacs,


I have to share with you a true maniac moment that happened just a couple days before Thanksgiving- this one is going on my records list.


After a long day of running errands I went to Publix to shop for Thanksgiving dinner.  I make this broccoli dish every year.  So, I run in, get what I need, go to the checkout and I can’t believe it- no one in line, what luck! (Or so I thought) The cashier starts to ring me up and there is no price on the foil pan, I say to her “well, I knew that was too good to be true,” she laughs and asks me “what are you making?”   I give her my recipe for my famous broccoli and Ritz cracker dish, I swipe my card, they bag my food and off I go. 


As I put the food in my trunk I see the bag boy running toward me and he says “excuse me but you have to come back in the store, you are not in trouble or anything we just need you back.”  I say “what the hell are you talking about?”   Then the cashier is at my car saying “hey, you didn’t pay for your groceries.”   I said “I most certainly did! I swiped my card.”   “Yeah but I didn’t finish the transaction” she says, so now they remove my bags, put them back in the cart and we walk back into the store, all 3 of us.  I feel like a crook.  Talk about the walk of shame!  The manager is waiting for us, I wanted to die!  So now they admit it’s not my fault. “Ok, whatever” I say “just ring me up I want to go home.”  He rings me up, I swipe again, and off I go. 


After I load my car for the second time, close the trunk, and get in, I look at the receipt and it says $87.00 for broccoli!!  So, I unload my car, go back in with my cart full of food, and go to the counter.   Now I’m pissed big time!   I say to the manager “look at this! $87.00! This is wrong!”  He goes in the office comes out and says its right. 


So I shove the receipt in his hand and start yelling, “Look at this! Do you see a turkey or soda? How about ice cream? Do you see any of those items in my cart? I have broccoli! Broccoli” I scream!  “You know what?” I yell, “Give me a refund and I will find a Publix that knows what they are doing!”  He is trying to calm me down but it is not working.  I now have the attention of the whole store as I scream “I just want to go home!  Its 4pm, I’ve been in the car all day! Do you know I haven’t even peed since 8am?!   Just give me my money back please I need to leave!”  He begs me to listen, “I just want to give you a gift card for your trouble that’s all,” he says, I tell him I don’t want it!  “Please let me go home” I repeated over and over. 


Finally a women manager comes over, takes control and re-rings the food again.   She gives me $87.00 in cash, my refund and now the male manager, the one that knows I need to use the bathroom really bad, hands me a $25.00 gift card and says “I am so sorry for your trouble.”   I say “I know you are. Me too!” 


The moral of the story is I didn’t flip out the first time thanks to my natural progesterone, but I had missed lunch and 2 snacks.  My blood sugar, no doubt, was low.  This is full blown proof that theBodyLogicMD nutritionprogram that I talked about last blog really makes sense.   I think any reasonable person would have been pissed.  But when you mixmenopausewith low blood sugar what a cocktail!  Dr. Lee told me not to leave the house without a snack in my purse and I never will again. 


Oh by the way, I will give the gift card to a needy family.  I feel guilty using it.


I hope you had a great turkey day!



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