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Menopause Makeover – A Book Review

Posted Feb 09 2010 6:56am

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If you’ve read my blog for any length of time then you know I am not a “one size fits all” person.  There are simply too many variables and individual differences that make up our lives and who we are as people to approach life this way.

I have tried to approach this blog with the opinions and advice I give from that point of view and certainlywith every book review or product review I post here at The Perimenopause Blog, I try to bring that attitude as well.

Some women swear by bio-identical hormones during perimenopause.  Some women take birth control pills for their symptoms with virtually no side-effects to speak of.  Some women prefer to  take only herbs and adhere to non-traditional approaches to find relief and thenstill otherslike myselffall somewhere in the middle.

Though I may lean in a certain direction at timesit is also entirely possible that I will lean in another direction at another time. I am of the mind that we must do what works for each of us as individuals and be comfortable with those decisions.

In her new bookThe Menopause MakeoverStaness Jonekos brings that same attitude to the subject of menopause and how to tackle itwhich is why I’m reviewing her book today with great enthusiasm!

Staness began menopause just as she was beginning to plan for her wedding at the age of 47.  Imagine this ladies.  You’ve been in the dating and single world all of your adult life and you finally meet “the one”. You fall madly in love and decide to get married.  The impending nuptials sets your life in a forward motion with excitement and anticipation for happily ever after with the man of your dreams. Then -  you hit menopause. Planning a wedding while you’re having hot flashesnight sweats and ravaging mood swings?  It just doesn’t seem fair does it? I’m going to be very frank herehad it been me?  I would have called the whole thing off.

Butthat wasn’t what Staness decided to do and it was her determination and a light bulb moment which included utilizing a system similar to her wedding planner that got her into her wedding gown and subsequently gave birth to her book.

Less than 4 months before her wedding Staness Jonekos,

“…………..Created a twelve-week plan to manage my uninvited wedding guest – menopause.  Inspired by my own wedding planner bookwhich offered succinct informationcheckliststo-do listsand a place to journalset goals and track progressmy makeover plan helped me reclaim my health and my life in just three months………………..”

And that is exactly what you will find in her book:  succinct informationcheckliststo-do lists and places to journal and set and track your own goals.

Staness worked with Dr. Wendy KleinM.D.physician and professor of medicineobstetrics & gynecology at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine to present medical research on what many would call traditional hormone therapy compared to bio-identical hormones.

Staness presents that the only “natural” hormones are those that are made by your body.  And the notion that bio-identical hormones are not synthesized in a lab in the same manner that the hormones from traditional therapy are is a misconception that many women have.  And she herself thought that as well.

Nowladiesbefore anyone goes off on me here about bio-identical hormones being superior to traditional hormone therapyI must say this:  She is correct.

In factI did a post here recently where I discussed this exact topic.  You can read it here. You are also welcome to read the article found at The Synergy Integrative Medical Center for Women, upon which I based that particular post and you can find that here as well.

Here’s the point:  Staness has presented good solid medical research that hormone therapy (in the traditional sense as I am referring to it) is as effective and safe as bio-identical hormones.

She gives credit and credence to both choiceshoweverand she herself did a combination of both hormone therapy and “complimentary and alternative methods” as she refers to itas well.

Soif you’re looking for one point of view versus another in terms of hormone therapy or bio-identical hormonesyou won’t find that in The Menopause Makeover. What you will find is a very balanced view of both options and good solid medical information to back up all of her claims.

Staness left no stone unturned in  The Menopause Makeover and covers everything from how to take care of your skin during menopauseto relationships and proper food choices to help stabilize blood sugar and cope with menopause symptoms.

I’m going to tell you all with no reservation what so everthis has beenhands downone of the best books I’ve read on the topic of menopause and how to cope with it.  It is thorougheasy to read and takes the bull by the horns so to speakgiving you the tools to be able to get your life and those crazy menopause symptoms under control.

Please be sure and check out Staness’s website and hop on over to to pick up a copy if you haven’t already.  I believe you will find it to be an excellent  resource.

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