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Menopause in your 40s

Posted Sep 14 2012 6:00am

It’s not quite menopause, but the signs are there. You may think you are going crazy, but it’s probably perimenopause. Knowing what you’re facing can help you make change to improve outcomes.

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Here’s what’s happening….

One of the first signs of menopause is actually a stage called periomenopause. It is the period of time when your menstrual cycle become irregular before it goes away completely, and it can last about ten years. Periods may become heavier, lighter or not at all from month to month. It is fluctuations in progesterone and estrogen levels, as well as various changes related to aging that contribute to perimenopausal symptoms.

….and here’s what to do about it:

Know the signs. Are you worried about the fact that you have been breaking into tears over silly TV commercials or staring at the ceiling watching the fan blades rotate each night? Insomnia and mood swings are signs of perimenopause. Achy joints, heart palpitations and foggy thinking are also common. “Many women are frightened that these symptoms mean something’s seriously wrong,” says Dr. Dweck. “They have no idea why they’re feeling this way.” You can overcome these symptoms and ease your mind with lifestyle modifications.


Check out the article in the September 2012 issue of Family Circle18 Things Every Woman Should Know about Menopause by Jessica Girdwain

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