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menopause and alcohol consumption

Posted by Dorathy C. Facebook

I am wondering if when you are in menopause does alcohol hit you harder as recently everytime i drink alcohol for eg; five glasses of wine while out at night, it seems to hit me like a brick all of a sudden even if i am pacing myself.  I feel like someone has drugged me and i have never had this problem in my life.  it hits me like a brick and i feel extremely heavy and not like i have been in the past as i have unfortunately been a little tiddly many times but this feels different 

I am 50 and using a patch for treatment and am concerned of the affects i am getting lately.


can anyone help with this issue or have a similar problem 

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Dear Dorothy,

Definitely many changes go on during Menopause, and yes sensitivity to alcohol and caffeine are among them. During the worst of it, it is best to limit yourself to 1 -1 1/2 glasses of wine. More than that can also disrupt sleep and contribute to the insomnia associated with Menopause.

Good luck. It does get better!


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