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May is Better Sleep Month and I’m Not Getting Any

Posted Apr 29 2010 1:24pm

star-clipart-princess-wandOkay, so here I am writing my second blog and very little has changed. I still have a terrible time with sleep. They could have made a movie about me called Sleepless in Miami; except I don’t know how successful a movie based on a menopausal woman would be.

I have decided that for Better Sleep Month (in May) I am going to take a stand and I am going to try some of the techniques I have read about; but if that doesn’t work, I have decided that I am marching straight to my doctor’s office! I may hate the doctor but I hate insomnia more. If I continue to feel this way my lack of sleep is actually going to make my hormonal imbalance worse and it’s going to end up increasing my health risks. Thanks but no thanks I don’t need any of my health risks heightened.  

Now for Mother’s Day, it’s around the corner. This is a time that inevitably makes me sad, I lost my mom just a year ago and it’s been difficult. My mother had Alzheimer’s which recently I have been reading can be avoided with hormone therapy, if and only if started early enough.  My mother would not have benefited from it as she was well in her 80’s. I know she lived a long time but I can’t help but miss her during holidays such as her birthday or Mother’s Day. She was a great mother. Even though we got along and I loved her tremendously we also went through a difficult bout during menopause for her.

When I think back to when I was a teenager and the way my mom acted around me when she was menopausal I can’t help but pity my daughter. I am a single mom so I think it might be worse on her. A teenager and a menopausal women under one roof is not a pleasantry this I will admit. Someone should warn us about the dangers of teenagerdom and menopause coexisting. It just makes menopause worse than it already has to be.

The fights I have with my daughter are unprecedented. We used to get along beautifully until she started going through puberty and I started menopause. I know we will get along someday but right now, I am going home to a hormonally imbalanced household so wish me luck.


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