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Magnolia’s 6-Month Challenge: Day 7 – Hold Your Stomach Muscles In

Posted Jan 13 2010 4:39am

Post image for Magnolia’s 6-Month Challenge: Day 7 – Hold Your Stomach Muscles In

That’s what Joy-elle kept saying as we grunted and groaned through another session of “Stretch & Tone”.  A cleverly disguised Yoga class with a name that does not reveal the pain you will feel after it’s done.

I did take solace in the fact that the average age in the class is over 50.  Joy-elle could well be a granddaughter for a couple of the ladies there.  Easily my own daughter.

Speaking of.  My daughter was next to me during the class – having her own trouble.  One would think that a 16 year old would mop up in these types of physical adventures, but, not so.  She did her share of grunting and groaning too, which I enjoyed nearly as much as being able to snatch a few moments of rest on the Yoga mat.

Spinning class is on the menu today.  I am NOT looking forward to this.  Another perky 20-something telling me to “have fun with it” does not excite me this morning.  Especially when you consider I overslept due to the fact I stayed up entirely too late last night.  I’m a bit disgusted with myself.  But, the day is moving on whether I change my attitude or not, so I think I’ll change it and get with the program.

I may wimp out and head to the treadmills and leave my 16 year old daughter to Spinning Class.  She can “have fun with it” for the both of us.

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