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Magnolia’s 6-Month Challenge: Day 13 Sore Back, Sore Joints and Exercise in the AM

Posted Jan 21 2010 5:11am

Post image for Magnolia’s 6-Month Challenge: Day 13 Sore Back, Sore Joints and Exercise in the AM

I’m going to confess to you all right here and now – I hate exercising.  I especially hate exercising first thing in the morning. So there.  I’ve said it.

I said yesterday that I’ve never been a morning exercise person.  Even when I had the time, the youth and the lack of distractions to prevent me from doing ANYTHING for longer than 5-minutes without an interruption – I didn’t exercise in the morning.

I remember reading an essay (during the years when I actually harbored Olympic aspirations in track and field…..I really did.  Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she???) about a runner who went out in the morning to run.

They described how I feel when I’m dealing with a brain and body that does NOT want to exercise or do much of anything except stare into space and slurp coffee.  Really loudly so as to help me wake up (I hate alarm clocks too).  I was really into the essay and totally relating to their misery until they got finished running and said they “bounced” into the house and said to their self…..”I’ll skip the coffee”

They completely lost me then and as far as I was concerned, that writer had ZERO credibility.  SKIP THE COFFEE??????  I don’t think so.

Anyway.  I also have a friend who owns a health club.  Yep.  She’s owned it for about 20 years.  She’s 57 years old and looks, um, 40.  Probably younger if you take into consideration she colors her hair and has a tiny waist with a totally flat stomach after 3 kids.  I hate her.

Not really.  I love her actually.  She’s one of my favorite people in the whole universe.  She’s also perky, FULL of high-octane energy and a laugh that can send shock-waves through the universe (because she squeals and claps her hands a lot when she laughs).

If anybody can get me to exercise in the morning, it’s her.  In fact, for a while she succeeded, until I realized that I’m NOT a morning exercise person and so, why the hell was I standing in the exercise room at 9:00 in the morning with HER?  Cheeky thing she is.

So, I’m in a crappy mo0d.  Mainly because like I told you yesterday, I’m tord.  I’m tord and my back hurts reeeeeeally bad.  I’ve got a bono-fide back condition that keeps from doing much of anything strenuous unfortunately.  I would go into the details, but it’s not pretty.  Believe me when I say arthritis and ouch.  Double ouch.

This didn’t stop me from taking down the 10 foot Christmas tree and rearranging furniture last night, though.  I did this for several hours and by the time I finished, the room looked spectacular and I couldn’t walk.  So, I limped to bed and slept like a dead rock. (interesting).

I have a sick 10 year old and an appointment to get my teenager daughter to.  We leave in an  hour and I haven’t had my required 10 hours to wake up plus 3 cups of coffee.

So, that’s it then.  I’m going to have to challenge myself in new and different ways.  I will still keep Joy-elle’s class on Tuesdays.  Perhaps even find more classes like hers later in the day and then seek out afternoon options.

This morning exercise crap is for the birds.

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