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Magnolia’s 6-Month Challege: Day 27 So, I Guess My Challenge is not so Interesting to You?

Posted Feb 11 2010 9:04am

Who ever you are?  All two of you out there?  Yeah, I know the rules of blogging.  Write for an audience and they will come.  Well, I guess since I do a lot of writing where I *do* consider the audience, I thought I might use The Magnolia Diaries as well, imagine that, a diary.

No, seriously.  I really do want to target this blog to *something*.  I just don’t know what.  The problem with most fifty-some-thing’s is that most of us are not online.  Really.  It’s a generational thing.

So, it’s not like there are tons of fifty-something year old women searching the Internet for some clever little blog to read.  They’re not.  But, I will not rule out that I’m totally wrong on that one.

My Perimenopause Blog is hopping most of the time.  But, that is a topic that pulls people in.  In fact, when I blogged about my perimenopause here, that was what drew people in and inspired me to separate that topic off and devote a blog just to that.  So, I did.  But then, I couldn’t figure out what to do here.

I still don’t know.  Which is what gave birth to my lil’ challenge, which in case you haven’t noticed has been, um, challenging.

I’m waiting for my DVD’s to show up so I can begin doing something to help my back.  I never thought I would be at such a place in life that I couldn’t run anymore.  Or even walk fast.  And it may be that after I pay some serious attention to this back problem that I might be able to do more.

I’ve kind of reached critical mass here though and the cold, hard facts are that I’m going to be 53 next month and my back has gone to hell.  If I don’t want to be in a wheel-chair or using a cane or walker, I better take this Yoga/Pilates for the back stuff seriously.

In the meantime, if you are interested in reading my writing, you can check me out at Associated Content.

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