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Magnolia’s 47 Day Challenge: Day 5, 6 & 7 Jump, Magnolia! Jump!

Posted Dec 21 2009 6:46am
Post image for Magnolia’s 47 Day Challenge: Day 5, 6 & 7 Jump, Magnolia! Jump!

Well, it’s day 7 in since launching my 47 day challenge and I left you on Day 4 trying to decide what I was going to do given a busy day last Friday that made it impossible for me to get to the gym.

Well, okay.  That’s not totally true. I could have gone to the 6:15 a.m. Spinning Class.  I do know people that are that committed and disciplined.  And that person is not me.  But, it’s something to reach for, right?

So my daughter ups and decides to get sick.  Not horribly sick.  But, sick enough that she shouldn’t be stressing her body by engaging in strenuous activity.  Besides, I don’t think she would have had the energy to do it.

Then the weekend came and I don’t remember why I didn’t make it to the gym on Saturday, but I didn’t.  Then Sunday came (which should and will be my day of rest) and then my commitment to my children to begin Christmas baking  came due as well.

So, yesterday I started our baking bonanza and we will take that banner up again today.  Buck-eyes, Chocolate Truffles rolled in hazelnuts and Pecan Divinity calls, ladies and gentlemen.

But, that’s not all before me today, I also have an official article assignment that I must complete.  If I do not complete it turn it in, well, you know…’s gotta be done. So, it looks like my 47-Day Challenge will reset and I will begin again tomorrow, on Day 8.

The Whine About the Wine

I almost hate to bring this up, but since I’ve already said something about it here, and here, and well, here too, then I will.  The red wine challenge.

Not so good in that department either.  Remember I said that I’m not very productive when I drink wine?  Well, that’s still true.  It certainly whammied my ability to finish my article yesterday because, well, who wouldn’t rather drink a glass of red wine and chill out with a good movie?  So, that’s what I did.  Last night.

I woke up today realizing that a real decision needs to be made and the time for talk to cease has come.  I’m either going to do this or I need to quit saying I’m going to and drink red wine joyfully and be at peace about it.

After all, I’ve never had such a head-issue with it before and I’ve been drinking red wine since I was in the tender years of my twenties.  But then, I didn’t drink nearly a bottle each time I sat down to drink it back then either. Tsk. Tsk.

Anyway.  I’m not sure what one would call it when the decision gets made to put your head down and just do something.  Maybe it’s just called, “a decision”.  But, if you’ve ever tried to change something in your life, particularly something that could be and likely is rooted in something very psychological and perhaps emotional as well, it can be one big “mammy-shaker” (a Southern colloquialism) challenge.

Particularly during the holiday season. It’s like going on a diet at Thanksgiving.  Pretty stupid. But, this is why I gave up resolutions a long time ago.  The way I see it, if you’re going to make any changes, today is the day to begin.  Not “after” something or “when” something comes a long – like New Year’s Day. You just have to make up your mind and do it, already. But, it’s not always that easy.

Just Jump Already

I liken it to trying to jump over one very big ditch.  You stand over that sucker and look down, realizing how freakin’ far you’re going to fall if you miss.  Then, if you miss, and you do fall, how the heck are you going to get out of it?

So, then, (if you’re me) you start to measure how fast and just how far you’re going to need to run before you launch yourself over, so as to completely clear the ditch.  You run up to it several times and stop, just before you jump.  Well, sooner or later you have to jump.  I think that’s the decision that needs to be made.  I wish I were the type of person who could get up one day and say, “this is it.  I’m jumping” and never have a second thought about it.  Are there people like that?  Really?

But, I do have a little experience with “life jumping” shall we say, and when I do decide it’s time, well, I will jump.  I guess I just have to keep running right to the edge and stopping a few times before I get sick of doing that and then I just jump.

They don’t call me the queen of the metaphors for nuthin’.

See you all tomorrow.  Day 8.

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