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Magnolia’s 47 Day Challenge: Day 2 Spinning Class

Posted Dec 16 2009 7:39pm
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I’m sore.  Getting out of the chair and walking across the room kind of sore.  Feeling my age because I don’t do much exercise sore.

But, I kept my word and headed to the health club with my daughter this morning and we joined the spinning class.  Spinning, in case you don’t know, is essentially stationary bikes.  Except these are not your typical stationary bikes.  They mimic the work out of a regular road bike.

I used to ride bikes.  I also used to run five to ten miles per day.  I was also 25 years younger.  I had forgotten how much work riding a bicycle was.  I took great solace in the fact that my 16 year old daughter roundly got her butt kicked too.

I knew I couldn’t keep up with this young lady who was the instructor, so I didn’t even try.  I found a nice pace to peddle and that’s what I did.  Just peddled.  Occasionally I would attempt to sprint or do the climbs, but not for long.  My cardio health is just not what it used to be.  Not to mention my butt, legs, arms and every thing else is sore from Joy-elle and the “Stretch and Tone” yoga class from yesterday.

I’m not sure what the class is tomorrow, but I think we actually have a choice between more Joy-elle fun or “Boot Camp”.  I watched the boot-campers run by occasionally as I peddled this morning to the sounds of AC/DC and The Doors.  It actually looked like a military boot camp exercise group.  I’m thinking I would rather deal with Joy-elle again.  At least you get to lay down.

So, these next 47 days should be interesting.  I plan to blog something every day, even if, like right now, I don’t feel particularly perky. I think I’m going to take a couple of Aleve and sleep.  Maybe I’ll have something more interesting to tell you tomorrow after class.

Till then.

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