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Magnolia’s 47 Day Challenge: Day 11 – Christmas Day

Posted Dec 25 2009 7:04am

Well, clearly my 47 Day Challenge has been derailed by the holiday season.  But, I can’t say it’s been a total loss. 

It’s Christmas after all and it’s been fun.  The baking I did this year was particularly good if I can give myself props, though I did manage to overcook one very large piece of prime rib. 

I think my daughter and I must have had a miscommunication on the size of that slab-o-beef, but outside of that, it was a successful Christmas eve complete with entirely too much food and drink.

We spent the rest of the evening with close friends and ate even more food and had even more drink.  Now I know why I would never be a good candidate for the hedonistic lifestyle.  I just feel way too overindulged the next day and can’t wait for another slice of mundane normalcy. 

It probably accounts for why I’m also not too fond of vacations or long trips away from home either.  I much prefer my daily routine above all else and if something throws a monkey wrench into that, well, chances are I will do my best to avoid such things.

But, I’m going to making a long overdue trip (after I said how much I loathe these things) to Louisiana in two days to see my aging parents.  I’ve been particularly aware of them as “aging” since I approached the big five-O myself.

Middle-age certainly brings home the reality of one’s mortality and of those you love.  It also impresses (upon me, anyway) the need to shed the chaff of life and focus on what is good, right and most important and that is to love those who are in your life.

There is a verse in the bible that states….”The Love of God never fails”.  As one who is a lover of and believer in the bible, it is a verse that I think of often when I am feeling that everything else I may be doing is failing.  Usually on a grand scale.  It’s a pretty bold statement I think and one that never ceases to provoke much, much thought on my behalf.

I’m not an overly touchy-feely person.  Though I would certainly qualify myself as very compassionate and empathetic.  I lean toward the notion that people, no matter how bad they may be behaving at the moment, can change and be better people. 

Having had my own years of behaving badly and not loving myself very much and then making monumental life changes, I am convinced that anyone and everyone, if they deeply desire, can change.

I also feel that sometimes we may be stumbling around in a kind of spiritual darkness and slumber if you will, and not even know it.  You can’t hold someone responsible for something they don’t really understand, right? 

Anyway – I don’t mean to wax philosophical this morning, but having had a version of this conversation last night with someone else, I guess it’s still burning in my brain cells today.  

I’ll close this particular train of thought then with the statement that,  if the Love of God Never Fails, then perhaps it would behoove us to find out exactly what the nature of that love is and attempt to give some of it to people around us.

That would be a pretty good challenge in and of itself now wouldn’t it?  Particularly if you take in consideration another statement I’ve leaned on in my life at different times……..”people need love the most when they deserve it the least”

Loving people who don’t deserve it……yeah, there’s your challenge, Magnolia

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