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Low FSH (5.1), LH (4.8) and Estrogen Levels (52) in 61 year old

Posted by LiverBird


I wonder if anyone may be able to advise on a rather complex situation my Mum is facing. She is 61 years of age and her most recent blood test showed FSH at 5.1, LH level at 4.8 and Estrogen at 52. She was told she had the hormone level of a 13 year old!??

To further complicate matters she had Early Stage breast cancer 5 years ago and had a mastectomy and then 5 years of Tamoxifen. In July we went to her yearly check up at the hospital and the Doctor said her hormone level will show incorrect due to the Tamoxifen in her system. The Doctor told Mum to stop taking the Tamoxifen and have another blood test after 6 weeks to check hormone levels.

We went back to hospital on Friday to be greeted by another Doctor who confessed to never seeing such results in a 61 year old. Mum was still having very regular periods right up to the breast cancer (age 56). These stopped once she commenced Tamoxifen.

Having surfed the internet I am now worried that there may be a pituitary gland tumor or ovarian tumor giving these results.

Please, am I just worring for nothing or has anyone heard of such mixed up levels in Menopause? and what should I do/ask for next?

Many thanks - Worried Daughter

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