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Joe schmo, Joe the plumber, just your average Joe and more election wisdom

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:40pm

I’ve purposely kept politics out of my blog.  But, since the election is now over, I feel I can safely make one comment and move on.

I wish I didn’t let it work me up so much.  But I did and it did.  I found myself steaming at the ears on more than one occasion and even woke up with a bit of PEB……..Post Election Blues.

Yep, it’s been just like having a baby.  The conception, the first ultra-sound, morning sickness, new baby clothes, expanding belly, all the excitement of anticipation…………and then bam!  The baby is born and it’s all over with but the crying.

Actually, I haven’t cried.  I won’t cry over an election.  I may be disappointed, but I won’t cry.  Life moves on.

I must confess, I found the whole “Joe the Plumber” phenomenon pretty amazing.  I saw him on political and business news shows and all of these educated talking heads were asking “Joe the Plumber” what he thought about the stock market.  What did he think of Obama’s tax plan?  McCain’s tax plan?

HUH???  You are the one with your Harvard business degrees and your asking JOE THE PLUMBER???  So, ladies and gentleman, there is a lesson if ever there was one…………if a Harvard Business School graduate can’t understand the complexities of the economy enough to provide some sort of hope to those of us who are just scratching the surface and feel that “Joe the Plumber” has just as good a handle on it as anybody else…………

Then maybe, just maybe we shouldn’t be looking to politicians at all?  In deed, this was the overall message I took away from this election.

It wasn’t the message of “Change We Need” or “Audacity of Hope” or “Country First”.  It’s the message that we should always put our hope and trust in God.

And if you don’t believe that God can handle it, well then, I guess Joe the Plumber is your next best bet.

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