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ive had my period for clost to weeks now.i 45 years old it had happened last month as well,should i b concerned?

Posted by buffy64

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Dear buffy64,

What you describe can be normal perimenopause - some women skip periods and some (like me) bleed for what seems 3 weeks out of every 4.It even has a name: Dysfunctinal Uterine Bleeding - which sounds like a big deal but just means bleeding more than an average cycle.

Since such bleeding can herald more serious conditions, it is a good idea to get checked out. You might initially need an ultrasound or eventually an endometrial biopsy (which is usually done in the doctor's office.) Get checked out for your own peace of mind.

If indeed,  you just have Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding due to perimenopause, the most important thing to watch out for is anemia. Take iron and eat iron rich foods - red meat and others - a full list can be found here

If you have fibroids, remember that they can cause some of this bleeding too. Many women have fibroids that appear or grow during perimenopause and shrink again when Menopause transition is complete (like me). So fibroids are not necessarily a reason to intervene (eg fibroidectomy, myomectomy, D & C, or hysterectomy.)

For more info, check out our blog entry about Heavy Bleeding on Menopause Goddess Blog.

Good luck and keep us posted. Your story can help other women. That is how we get through the Menopause transition: women sharing wisdom.

Lynette Sheppard RN,      Wellsphere Menopause Health Maven
Author of “The Big M”    a Menopause Bible
Menopause Goddess Blog

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