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Is the internal buzzing related to perimenopause?How long will this symptom last it's driving me nuts.

Posted by sheenameena

For two years now been having strange things happening to my body at first thought that my thyroid was going crazy which it was overactive but for the last year thyroid has been fine. Also have constant leftside temple pain with eye strain, burning,furry tongue, twitches all over feeling hot when others feel cold then feeling cold when other are hot,sweating between the breast neck and face upon awaking for a few seconds periods that come 2 or 6 days early or late last two days, digestion problems,loss of lobido and vaginal dryness, strong heartbeats that last hours and the worst symptom yet internal buzzing like i have an electric current running through my legs at time feel it in my breast this at times a week befor my periods get really strong. Have had tests done seen the neurologist gynoand had mri of spine and head no trapped nerve nothing wrong with brain only low vitamin d hormone test came back normal but showed i did not ovualate last month my skin on my face is dry and course. My doctor say can't find anything puts it down to anxiety like most do. Was on mild antidressant for a year along with propanolol but have been of the ads for a month now and the propanolol for two weeks at the moment i take lanzaprozol 30mgs and thyroxine 125mg and just had my first vitamin d capsule from my docs. I just find this buzzing thing hard to deal with i'm 43 and have these prpblem for 2 years now how much more please help.

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