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Is Pro-Gest made from Mexican Wild Yams?

Posted by Jeannie W.

 I'm sorry I sent this in the answer box. I meant it to be a question. 

I'm confused. This is the second time I've come across women saying that wild yam extract in cream form did not work for them.  Then Pro-Gest by emerita is listed as the alternative.

When I went to and read about Pro-Gest, it says it is made from a substance found in Mexican Wild Yams.

Could someone please clarify this for me? Thank You, Jeannie

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Hi Jeannie,

The substance found in wild yam cream is a precursor to progesterone - unfortunately not usable by the human body as is. (That's why the wild yam cream doesn't seem to work.)  Pro-Gest is derived from barbasca yam/or soybean and converted to progesterone in the lab.  The starting material is diosgenin and then made into various hormones – progesterone being identical to body progesterone. Only USP (United States Pharmacopeia) progesterone is natural progesterone.  Two examples are Pro-Gest and Natural Woman progesterone cream.  I hope this helps - let me know how it goes or if you have any other questions.

All my best,

Lynette Sheppard RN, Health Maven   Menopause Goddess Blog  

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