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Is it Peri-Menopause or the real thing?

Posted by SuzyScorp

Hi, I'm Suzy and I'm a newbie here. Just signed up early this morning...

Anyway, I'm 46yo, and have been suffering from a lot of different symptoms of Menopause for quite sometime.  I remember being 42 and having the worst hot flashes, but only on my face.  No matter what I did, they wouldn't go away, only with time.  Now I go through night sweats, where I'll wake up from a sound sleep, only to find myself drenched with sweat, from my head to my feet! I am hopeful that there may be other women out here that are dealing with this.  Do you think it's peri or real menopause.  My late mother went through the change around age 48.

Thanks so much, Suzy

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Hi Suzy,

As far as I'm concerned perimenopause can be as real and intense as the big M itself. Indeed some women have more pronounced symptoms in the perimenopause time period than in the time after they have been without a period for a year. (The official definition of menopause is cessation of menses for a full year. And then you are post menopausal, which makes it seem like menopause itself happens for a nanosecond.)

Definitely I (and so many other menopausal women) suffered from hot flashes and night sweats. Check out my blog entries here on Wellsphere or at our main site at for info on remedies, symptoms, and a community of like-afflicted women. We promise help and humor.

Keep us posted and let me know if you need more info or can't find specific help on the site(s).

Lynette Sheppard, RN  Health Maven, Menopause Community

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