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Introducing Menopause NOW: A Monthly Roundup of Menopause Resources and Headlines You Don’t Want to Miss

Posted Feb 24 2013 9:07am

Help and support signpostIn January, we conducted our first ever Menopause ChitChat Member Survey. We asked the ladies in our menopause forum what they wanted and how we can make Menopause ChitChat better. We received a lot of great feedback, but one request really stood out. Over 63% of our members want more information and resources to help them manage their journeys through menopause. So, based on their insight, we’re pleased to introduce Menopause NOW.

Menopause NOW is a monthly summary of resources, headlines, and stories. By scouring the internet and leveraging our connections with women’s health experts, we’ll offer links and give you access to the information that’s more important to you.

Our inaugural edition of Menopause NOW includes stories on how TV shows portray menopause, a study on chemicals in cosmetics, and brain fog.

Menopause on TV

Slate, an internet culture blog, featured a great post by June Thomas on How TV Shows Handle Menopause . June mentions Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright on the hit series House of Cards. Claire is an incredibly strong and powerful woman who is navigating the ins and outs of Washington, DC. However, it seems that hot flashes and menopause aren’t quite as easy to handle as a manipulative husband and crooked politicians.

Makeup and Menopause?

Research conducted at Washington University might have found a link to the increase of women experiencing early menopause. Dr. Amber Cooper and her researchers found elevated levels of phthalates, which are man-made chemicals that can mimic estrogen. These chemicals are found in everyday household products including cosmetics, shampoos, lotions, water bottles and food packaging. Who’d have thought there’s a possible connection between lipstick and menopause?

Dr. Oz Weighs In on Brain Fog

And last but not least, Dr. Oz co-authored an article on brain fog during menopause . Yes, it’s real and he offers a few suggestions on improving your cognitive function during this time. His advice includes exercising regularly—even a brisk walk can help—eating more omega 3 fatty acids, and getting a good night’s sleep.

Want to share your thoughts on these or other stories? Join the conversation at the menopause forum . Or, if you know of a newsworthy resource that might bring value to our members and readers, feel free to send us an email .


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