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Interesting Exercise & Fitness Facts

Posted Sep 07 2008 2:06am 1 Comment
-- More than 60 percent of women don't get the recommended amount of physical activity daily (30 minutes a day)
-- one in four women aren't physically active at all
-- exercise reduces the risk of developing diabetes
(8 million people have adult-onset (non-insulin-dependent) diabetes.)
-- exercise lowers blood pressure
-- exercise reduces levels of "bad" cholesterol while raising levels of good" cholesterol
-- exercise slows your resting heart rate, enabling it to work more efficiently
-- physically active women experience less intense and fewer symptoms of menopause
-- weight-bearing exercise, like walking or riding a bike helps increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis
-- exercise can improve your quality of sleep
-- exercise releases endorphins to improve your mood and can even treat depression
-- exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues to strenghten heart and lungs
-- exercise improves your circulation
-- regular exercise helps to prevent back pain by increasing muscle strength

Great exercise options for women
-- yoga
-- pilates
-- jazzercise
-- walking
-- swimming
-- jogging or running
-- volleyball
-- rollerblading
-- water aerobics
-- dancing of all kinds

Exercise doesn't have to be complicated or even planned. Things to try
- doing housework quickly and to music
- take the stairs instead of the elevator
- doing yardwork, raking leaves, mowing the lawn
- be spontaneous and creative in your exercise choices
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Thanks for the tips Cathy, I'm going to share these around!

 - Jack Bronson  | Workout without Weights

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