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im in menopausal stage,,i suffer constant headache...does my headache one of d syndrome of menopause..?

Posted by crabites

my bloodpressure is normal...110/,,its not possible ive a hypertension.but,,sometimes,,ive nearly to collapsed,,i hardly could carry my 60kl...i usually sleep 4 to 5 hours only....1s it due to lack of sleep..?but what bothers me most is my headache...or is it migraine or just a symptoms of menopause,,,,,im looking forward on your answer.....thank you
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Dear Crabites,

While lack of sleep can indeed cause headaches, prolonged or severe headaches are not normal. See a healthcare professional to try and track down the cause. 

The symptom of feeling heavy or unable to carry your own weight can be from fatigue or it can be from low thyroid, which happens to many Menopause Goddesses. So be sure to get that checked out. (Clinical symptoms may be more indicative of thyroid function than simply blood tests, many holistic MD's feel.)

For more info on thyroid function, read our blog entry on the Menopause Goddess Blog on this subject.

Good luck tracking down the cause and please let us know what you find out. Your experience could help other women - we are learning more about The Big M all the time, thanks to women sharing their wisdom.

Lynette Sheppard RN,      Wellsphere Menopause Health Maven
Author of “The Big M”
Menopause Goddess Blog

thanks maam lynette,,, it was such an enlightenment on my part sharing  ur knowlegde on women like me....more power.....


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