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I welcome information about alternatives to a hysterectomy for calcified intermural degenertive fibroids in a post menopausal wo

Posted by doctuhruth

i hope this message finds you in good health and good spirits. i found your organization on google and thought i would write and seek some advice.
i am still battling with my degenerative fibroids. i had d&c surgery in october 2010, to remove the fibroid in my uterus but the calcified one in the lining of my uterus is continuing to disintegrate and is infected. i have been having a mucous-like discharge seeping from my uterus since september 4, 2004. i am a 58 year old post menopausal woman who lives in the sf bay area.
my doctor at kaiser is recommending a hysterectomy because she cannot figure out anything else to do. i do not want a hysterectomy and am exploring my options. the infection does seem to be waning a bit---from 3 pads a day to one pantiliner, but i know that the calcified fibroid is still there.
i know they use laser methods to eliminate kidney stones, which is a kind of bone like substance in the body..i was wondering if there is some similar procedure for a calcified fibroid.
i welcome your feedback on my questions and if you would like info about my condition or would like to see the ultrasound results, please let me know.
if you are unwilling or unable to answer my question, i would appreciate a referral.
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Hello Lee,

Since you are in the San Francisco Bay area, it should be relatively easy to find a holistic MD to explore more options. Check out the for a referral in your area or . (I used to live in SF bay area, so know there are many integrative medicine MD's.)

The bad news? If you are Kaiser, your HMO will likely not cover it - not sure, but .... Still, if you can, I think it will be worth it to explore all your options. It took me three tries to find an MD who did not want to do a hysterectomy for my heavy bleeding.  Good luck, please keep us posted.

Lynette Sheppard RN

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