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I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart……really…..I swear

Posted Feb 19 2009 5:28pm

My crappy week ended with me sitting in a mud ditch waiting for the wrecker to pull me out.

No kidding.  What else, right?  

It seemed a fitting end to my week, I suppose,  when you consider that everything that could possibly go wrong probably did. 

Concussions (didn’t tell ya’ll about that one), totaled vehicles, bad relations between mother & daughter, the death of a friend’s daughter and to cap it all off, sinking my van into a quick-sand hole of mud. 

The wrecker eventually came and pulled me out. But while I sat there in the ditch waiting for him to arrive, I had a few minutes to ponder the previous days.  Interestingly enough, I felt no real anxiety about sitting in the ditch or the previous week’s catastrophes.  I felt a resignation of sorts.  I mean, no amount of emotion was going to pull me out of that ditch or change anything that had occurred.  So, I sat quietly and watched my 9 year old play on my laptop instead.

As I watched her little fingers peck on the keyboard, I realized just how much I loved her.  Her sweet little face peppered with freakles. The cute way she crinkles up her nose when she agrees with what I may be saying and the fact that she always has an encouraging word for me when the days get long and weary. 

It made me happy to look at her and think of those things.  Which also caused me to click off more than a few things that gave me joy.  It seems that there is never a shortage of burdens to bear and tears to shed in this life.  In fact, it gets really easy.  Too easy sometimes and well, it can just swallow you up.  Kinda like Jonah in the belly of the whale. 

So rather than crab about the ending of my crappy week, I thought I would simply start a new week by listing a few things that bring me joy.

How about it?  Seems like a lot more fun right now anyway.

1.  The warmth of my daughter’s body when she gives me a great big hug.

2.   The whacky sense of humor of two 16 year old boys

3.  Watching our horse run through the pasture whinnying and snorting with pleasure because he’s been held captive in barns his entire 8 years as a pampered show horse.

4.  The softness of my dog’s eyes as she looks at me with unconditional affection and loyalty

5.  The furious wagging of the tail of my other dog when she greets me at the door with more unconditional love and loyalty

6.  The sound of the banjo and mandoline in Bluegrass music

7.  Our affectionate little budgie sitting on my shoulder

8.  Hearing my 17 year old son play the blues on his guitar

9.  Watching the smile on my 15 year old daughter’s face when she rides her horse

10. Listening to my 9 year old daughter play the piano

11. Watching my 9 year old daughter and her friend sled down the hill, slam into a snowman and squeal and laugh with delight

12.  Watching my 20 lb Jack Russell Terrier try to dominate my 85 lb Chocoate Labrador Retriever

13.  A new pair of shoes

14.  Eating out

15. A pretty flower garden

16.  A cold snowy night, a fire, a good book & a glass of wine 

17.  Diamonds

18.  Perfume

19.  The sound of the dishwasher, washer & dryer and the heater humming in the background while I read

20.  Finding the right words to say at the right time

Cheers and here’s to a better week.

©2009 The Magnolia Diaries, Volume II. All Rights Reserved..
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