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I usually have light periods but on saturday, i had only and dot of blood. Is this a period or a problem? I am not sexually acti

Posted by ladym28

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It depends.  Don't you love those types of answers?  Well, it depends upon what you mean by not "sexually acti".  If you don't move during sex, that doesn't help your situation.  You still might be pregnant.  If you've never had sex, then it's less likely that you're pregnant.  If you use some form of birth control each & every time without fail, then it's less likely that you're pregnant.  It also depends upon when you expect your period.  If it was due on Saturday, then you might be pregnant.  But it could also be that your period changed this month due to stress.  It's common for young females to have their periods vary.  Best thing to do is get a pregnancy test for starters.  Then go see your family physician as needed depending upon your answers above.  Good luck!
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