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I'm feeling so exhausted since quitting Premarin cold turkey. Can this be a withdraw symptom? amy

Posted by japak

I am 48 and had a complete hysterectomy 10 years ago.  I have been on premarin ever since.  A few weeks ago I stopped  cold turkey and feel so lethargic and tired and down and wondered if these could be a result of stopping the med. Amy
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It certainly could be.  Most MD's and health practitioners recommend slowly decreasing the dosage of HRT, including bioidentical hormones, rather than going "cold turkey".  Indeed, fatigue is a common symptom of Menopause. 

 Of course, it can be related to dozens of conditions, but given the timing, it might be from the abrupt discontinuation.  I've been decreasing my dose of Estradiol slowly in preparation for stopping it.  And I noticed the difference in the decreased dosage for the first week of the change.

You might want to restart it and decrease more slowly - check with your trusted health care practitioner.  You may also wish to explore  other "natural" remedies such as soy (Estroven) and/or natural progesterone cream (Pro-Gest from or Natural Woman from  Keep in mind that these also have systemic effects, just like HRT, so they are not without risk.  

You may wish to have your hormone status checked by blood and/or saliva testing as well.

Good luck, let us know how it goes!

All my best,

Lynette Sheppard, RN  Health Maven

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