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i'm 20, sexually inactive and still a virgin. Why brown blood discharge with pink diluted thingy?? HELP!

Posted by annierobinson

Hi, I'm 20, sexually inactive and still a virgin. Never had sex before that means.

 A while ago I was touching with my boyfriend a little, that was on 2nd June. He cummed on my belly and cleaned it up right after. There was no way any sperm could drip through my hair down to my vagina... His precum was at the tip of my vagina but he peed a few times before touching.

But then a couple days later I had this light brownish discharge in my underwear with pink diluted spots and red dot if i wipe it. Is that implantation bleeding? I'm so worried...

The bleeding stopped a few days later.

 I took the HPT today and the result is negative.

However my period still hasn't come yet, it's supposed to on the 16th. So was that brownish discharge early period or was it something else??

 I'm really really really really worried, someone please gimme an answer? 

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