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i have been taking premarin since 1995 an have been trying to get off them for last six years i

Posted by nanny 9

i've tried with dr help an without. i have severe hot flashes an mood swings, worse than when i first had a historectomy, now at age 67 its worse than ever .i was told i was addicted. how, an what can i do to correct this or can i???
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So many factors can affect getting off HRT - like thyroid problems and more. My suggestion would be to find an alternative or holistic doctor who deals more with the whole person to balance you out. Check out the holistic medical assn or Women In Balance to find a physician near you. Or you can do what I did, which is google integrative or complementary medicine practitioner and/or bioidentical hormones in the area near you - then call the office to see if they are right for you. (Occasionally, someone will list themselves as bioidentical hormone MD when they are really a plastic surgeon and have a different agenda. With your symptoms, I think you are going to need a comprehensive approach to getting off HRT. But I do believe it can be done. And if your MD has you on Premarin, I can pretty much guarantee s/he is not a complementary or holistic practitioner. Good luck and let me know how it goes.
thank you ,this is much worse than the problems i was having before i took the premarin
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