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I had a total thyroidectomy and total hysterectomy within two months of each other less than a year ago. I'm experiencing dizzin

Posted by debtower

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Hmmm . . . your post ended abruptly.  I'm not convinced that the timing of your surgeries has anything to do with your current complaint of dizziness.  Moreover, a hysterectomy shouldn't make you dizzy unless you're still bleeding inside and therefore are anemic, although I suppose one could be dizzy due to low blood pressure from sepsis but then you most likely wouldn't be typing and would be significantly ill.  


In removing your thyroid, either your surgeon or your endocrinologist should have given you replacement thyroid medication which needs to be monitored regularly to be sure that you have the right amount and not too much or too little.  More importantly, the surgeon needs to know that s/he didn't remove your parathyroid inadvertently and lead to issues w/calcium balance which may in turn lead to dizziness.


In reality, dizziness isn't descriptive enough.  Are you feeling like the world is spinning around when you report dizziness?  If so, this implies an issue with your inner ear, unrelated to either surgery.  Perhaps you feel faint & lightheaded from too low blood pressure or not enough blood, eg anemia, or fluids, eg dehydration.  Or perhaps you feel like passing out because your heart rhythm isn't correct, eg paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia or more commonly atrial fibrillation.  Of course, I suppose a heart attack leading to heart failure could also lead to dizziness from lack of adequate blood flow.   


My point is that I don't enough information to adequately provide you with anything besides broad ideas.  I would suggest that you discuss your concerns w/your family physician as soon as possible. 

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