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I am 60 years old and am having a heavy period. Is this normal?

Posted by Jannie

I have been spotting for the last several years, but the spotting occurs in a regular period cycle.  Sometimes the spotting is heavy and sometimes it is lighter. About a week ago I began experiencing cramping and my flow then began quite heavy and is still going on.  What's happening???
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It could be a result of hormonal fluctuations. If you're truly post menopausal, in the accepted definition of the term, then you must consult your doctor to make sure this is not a symptom of a more serious problem like endometrial cancer OR maybe it could be another irregular cycle. Only your doctor could advice you after examination.

Thank you - I guess I knew I needed to see my doctor, but was hoping others had experienced this and was going to hear this was completely normal.  Denial?  Probably.  Thanks for the advice

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