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i am 52 and & I believe in menapause, I have been having heavy spotting for at least 3 months now, but now a regular period for

Posted by igualteca77011

I have been-from light to heavy but not quite a period-spotting for about 3 months now, as I said I am almost 53, I have had hot flashes, head mostly, my body is not regular due to Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hypothyroidism, therefore my hot flashes are in my head, to the point of waking me up. All during my youngers years I had an awfull history with my menstruation, I had no kids, never got pregnant (that I know) suffered extreme, heavy and had-to-be-stop perriods, took provera for more than a year one time in my late 20's. In 2000 I became severly ill due to my hypothoiroid and after beginning medication my periods became extremely well behaved, but excruciatingly painful to the point of almost passing out, about a bit more than 3 yrs ago the pain went away, I jokinly blame my adopted dtr., because she came to live with me, and I tell her she took them from me. I had the head hot flashes two yrs ago and had dissapeared, but now they are back, and for about 4 months I have been spotting every single day, sometimes more heavy than other, sometimes just brown spotting, such as the beginning or ending of a regular period, other I see red blod as a small regular period, there are, however super rarely, small traces of clots.
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Dear Igualteca,

Certainly, in perimenopause, there can be skipped periods, extra periods, or weeks of spotting. Each woman is unique in her perimenopause/menopause so the best way to tell if you are indeed beginning the process is to have your hormones tested, blood levels and/or saliva. And it is a good idea for you to see your gynecologist to ascertain that the spotting is from hormonal changes and not something else. You are the right age for the Menopause journey and you seem to be having symptoms such as the hot flashes (which I heartily empathize with, believe me.) Given your medical history of hypothyroidism, it might also be good to check thyroid hormone levels too, as this can complicate or exacerbate hot flashes.

If it turns out that this is Menopause and you desire info on symptom relief visit us at

or ask specific questions here on Wellsphere.

Good luck - let us know how it goes.

Lynette Sheppard RN   Health Maven, Menopause Community

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