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Hysterectomy, HRT ??

Posted by Gelsi1

I have uterine prolapse, I also have some lung problems mild copd/ asthma. Should I risk having surgery? I would love to take more estrogen, I'm currently on  .005 patch but don't feel optimal but as it is now I have to take prometrium too. I get cramps and spotting at times. 0: I am 54.

thank you 

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Dear  Gelsi1 ,

I'm not sure why you are considering surgery - is the uterine prolapse causing you problems?  Has your MD recommended surgery?  I'm not big on surgery unless it is absolutely necessary.  Have a chat with your primary care provider about what are the indications vs the risks.  Then get a second opinion so that you have enough information to make an informed choice.

As for hormone balance, it would be good to get saliva tested throughout the day to check if your hormones are optimized. Ask your trusted health care partner about this.

I will also say that even when optimized, we may not (likely will not) feel just like we did pre-menopause.  We achieve a new equilibrium - we really have changed. 

Let us know if you have other specifics or questions - and how you are doing.

All my best,

Lynette Sheppard RN    Health Maven for Menopause Community 

Whenever you quit the HRT the symptoms will return because you are artificially maintaining a hormone level which will go away when you quit that maintainence process...there are several other things that might be done but you do need to stop the HRT,ask your doc about alternatives for the short haul.

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