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hrt and menstrual cramps

Posted by pamv

have been taking hrt for around 18 month now.  aged 44 having an earlier meopuase probably due to having over active thyroid (graves desease) in my 20's.  last 6 month ususally for one day have terrible period cramp.  Been given diclofenic and anti spasm tablets from doc.  dont touch the pain, feel as if in last throws of labour.  considering stopping hrt feel that fed up.
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I'd like to know if anyone is having my problem. I have HRT bioidentical estrogen and testosterone. The doctor also has me taking 300 mg bioidentical progresterone capsules -- just started this high dosage of progesterone. A couple of nights ago, I took only one capsule.  Starting the next night, my uterus is continuously cramping HARD. My cervix is swollen and tender. Neither Tylenol, ibuprophen nor naproxin help. Heat doesn't help. Wine doesn't help. Muscle relaxer doesn't help. Anyone else having this problem?
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