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How to deal with hot flashes while getting ready?

Posted by 517butterfly

I am only 27 but I've had a total hysterectomy and doing HRT at the moment.  My hot flashes are relatively under control but I swear I feel like I'm melting while I'm getting ready for work!  By the time I've finished getting ready, I have sweat all my make up off!  Am I just strange?  Any suggestions?
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No you are not strange.  I'm 45 and had a hysterectomy six years agor and I'm not on any type of HRT.  By nature, I am usually cold all the time.  When I get ready for work in the am, I have to open the window in the bathroom. Blow drying my hair sends me into the fires of ____!  Not where I want to be.  With the temps plunging into the 20's and teens at night and in the am - I have even gone outside on the porch while I'm getting ready. Then of course, I'm freezing.  Men don't even realize how lucky they are.  Good luck.   Patti Adams, Morganton NC
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